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     Egypt on the path of democracy  

Friday, 1 July 2016 - 6:58 PM Cairo
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The New Wafd Party

The New Wafd Party was established on February 4, 1978.


Political reforms:
• Maintaining national unity
• Protecting political freedoms and human rights
• Introducing a new law on the exercise of political rights
• Abolishing the emergency law
• Supporting role of youth
• Consolidating democracy in trade unions.

Economic reforms:
• Stabilizing economic legislation and rationalizing public consumption.

 Social reforms:
• Curbing unemployment
• Providing Egyptian expatriates with due care and attention
• Solving the housing problem
• Modernizing agriculture
• Improving the status of education
• Upgrading health services
• Raising the efficiency of laborers and introducing new laws to protect labor rights
• Promoting the independence of the judiciary.

 Foreign policy:

The party:
• Seeks a just and durable peace in the Middle East
• Believes Israel stands in breach of the Camp David Accords which renders them invalid
• Advocates Arab unity
• Seeks to highlight and deepen Arab and Islamic relations
• Focuses on solving the Palestinian question
• Underlines the need for Egyptian-Sudanese integration
• Seeks to develop Egyptian-African relations
• Promotes neutralism and non-alignment

Economic and financial policies:

 The party advocates:
• An economic open-door policy
• The opening of foreign banks in Egypt
• Price stabilization
• Developing the production sectors
• The Introduction of a new lending policy
• A strong public sector
• Rationalized subsidies on staple commodities
• A link between prices and salaries

• Developing a new education policy

 The party & presidential elections 2005:
The party nominated its leader, Dr. Noaman Gomaa, to run for Egypt’s first contested presidential elections. Gomaa trailed third in the polls.

The party & legislative elections 2005:
The party won six seats in Egypt’s 2005 legislative elections.

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Date of publication:Monday, 20 July 2009