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The 16th session of Ismailia International Folklore Festival kicks off on Thursday 16/9/2010 under the care of Ismailia governerate. Each year folkloric troupes of different nationalities gather in Ismailia to present the culture and art of their countries through dance and theatre performances.

The Festival has started in 1985 for five consecutive sessions. After that the Festival stopped for five consecutive years and returned once again in 1995 until 2002. Basing on a decision, the Festival organized every two years and after the 14th session in 2004 it stopped until 2008.

Festival Activities

The 16th session of Ismailia International Folklore Festival kicks off on Thursday 16/9/2010 in the main theater of the educational complex in Ismailia. The current session of the festival lastes for 8 consecutive days.

Presentations will be held daily on theaters in Ismailia, al-Mallaha Park, el-Khaledeen garden, el-Gala Fayed, Tell Al-Kabir, West Qantara, Suez governorate and Cairo Opera House.

 Prticipating Countries

22 countries from all over the world will participate in the Festival including 12 European country: Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Georgia, Belarus, Macedonia and Bulgaria, Three Latin American countries Argentina, Puerto Rico and Colombia and two African countries Kenya and Ghana, while Malaysia will represent the Asian continent.

Australia and Canada will participate for the first time in addition to the participation of Palestine. From the Arab countries Syria and Jordan will participate in addition to Egypt that will participate by five troups to be chosen by the Ministry of Culture.

Date of publication:Thursday, 16 September 2010