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Egypt on democratic track

Friday, 30 January 2015 - 11:31 PM Cairo
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Political Parties

The National Democratic Party (NDP)
The Free Republican Party
The Governors Party
The Democratic Front Party
The Socialist Labour Party (Labour Party)
The Arab Democratic Nasserist Party
Misr El-Fatah (Young Egypt) Party
The Greens Party
Egypt Arab Socialist Party
The Social Justice Party
The Democratic Unionist Party
The New Wafd Party
Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party
Tagamoa Party
The Socialist Liberals (Al Ahrar) Party
Takaful Party
Misr (Egypt) 2000 Party
Democratic Generation (El-Geel) Party
Free Social Constitutional Party
Egypt Youth Party
National Conciliation (Al-Wifak) Party
Democratic Peace Party
The People Democratic Party
Ummah Party

NDP Election

Date of publication:Monday, 20 July 2009