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Sunday, 26 June 2016 - 5:17 PM Cairo

Sit in Dispersal

Muslim Brotherhood supporters imposed blockade for 46 days against the people in Al Nahda and Rabaa al-Adawiya squares under the name of sit-in where tens of protests  took to the street daily, a matter that hindered the lives of the Egyptians, caused unrest, not to mention the fall of many victims and injured and the damage in public and private properties. The Muslim Brotherhood did not heed the rational appeals to disperse the sit in. The group went on to use dispersing the sit in on 14 August, 2013,  with the least possible damage, to set Egypt ablaze which is documented in this file as hundreds of civilians and police fell as victims, in addition to those from the Muslim Brotherhood side. 


Breaking up Fatah mosque sit-in 16-8-2013


Breaking up Fatah mosque sit-in 16-8-2013


Arresting foregin terrorist elements in Azbakiya police station assult 16-8-2013


Dispersing Rabaa sit - in ( part 1 - Video ) 

Dispersing Rabaa sit - in ( part 2 - Video ) 

Dispersing Rabaa sit - in ( part 3 - Video ) 

Dispersing El Nahda sit - in ( Video ) 

Armed Forces troops ready to deploy 16-8-2013 ( Video )

 Al-Qaeda flags fly in Ramsis Sq

Muslim Brotherhood's friday of rage,16 August,2013

Riot in governorates

Safe exit of sit-iners

Muslim Brotherhood violence in Mansoura

Muslim Brotherhood violence (Photo album)

Muslim Brotherhood supporters burning the Giza Governorate  building on August 15, 2013. Many civilians were inside.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters burned 17 churches in addition to some mosques

Muslim Brotherhood supporters beating to death an Egyptian taxi driver for posting a photo of the Egyptian minister of defence on his car window:

Muslim Brotherhood using weapons against police officers:

Muslim Brotherhood terrorists push a police armoured vehicle off the 6th of October bridge. 8 police officers died.

Muslim Brotherhood terrorism1


Muslim Brotherhood terrorism2

Muslim Brotherhood terrorism3


Date of publication:Thursday, 15 August 2013