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Sisi: Political solution is best way out of Syrian crisis

Wednesday، 23 November 2016 - 01:25 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Tuesday 22/11/2016 asserted that the Egyptian stance on the Syrian crisis is clear as Egypt holds that the political solution is the best way out of this crisis.
In an interview with the Portuguese RTB TV channel, during a visit to Portugal that started on Sunday, president Sisi underlined the necessity of respecting the will of the Syrian people.
The president highlighted the necessity of seriously confronting the terrorist groups in Syria and disarming them. He also confirmed the necessity of maintaining the Syrian territorial integrity and reconstructing the country that was devastated by war.
As for statements by US President-elect Donald Trump during his electoral campaign about Islam, president Sisi said that "We should wait and see until he assumes power next January and we will see good things from the new elected president".
Regarding Trump's statements about Muslims at his electioneering rallies, president Sisi noted that there was no doubt that the current state of affairs and terrorism which is threatening several world countries is a source of concern to many politicians and observers of stability and security in the world.
"Each country is trying to provide security and stability to its citizens and I understand that very well", said president Sisi.
The president asserted that the volatile situation in the Middle East is affecting the whole region and would affect also Europe if this state of chaos is maintained, said the president.
As for the situation in Egypt, he said that the country was on the verge of a civil war due to one opposition faction that is ready to adopt violence against the will of the whole Egyptian people. Handling the situation in Egypt is always undertaken within the framework of the law, said the president, pointing out that there are no exceptional measures or use of illegal methods in Egypt.
The president denied reports about imposing a state of emergency.
The president rejected judging the situation in Egypt via media outlets. "Egypt is a State that respects itself and respects its people. Therefore it applies the law in all the measures it takes", he said, denying reports that 20,000 or 10,000 or even 5,000 persons are detained for political reasons as was rumored by some people.
The president also said that there is no torture inside Egyptian prisons. In case such practice would take place it is illegal and the person in charge is held accountable, confirmed the president.
As for a court ruling against the chief of the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists, the president explained that the ruling is not associated with an issue of opinion. It is a criminal case of harboring wanted persons which is against the law.
The chief of the Syndicate of Journalists is not standing trial as a journalist. He is standing trial in a criminal case, said the president, explaining that two other journalists are involved in the case. Nobody in Egypt is standing trial for their opinion, the president confirmed, noting that he supports freedom of expression.
In Egypt, there is no room for dictatorship, said the president, noting that rotation of power is maintained every four years and no ruler in Egypt would continue in his post after the end of his term in office in accordance with the law and the constitution, added the president.

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