18 June 2018 05:35 PM

Statement by H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the joint press conference with heads of government of the Visegrad Grouping

Wednesday، 05 July 2017 - 02:04 PM


Ladies and gentlemen,


I would like to extend all thanks to the government and people of Hungary for the hospitality and warm reception which we found since our arrival in Budapest. I would like also to express all thanks for the good organization of the summit of the Visegrad Grouping and Egypt.

Relations between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Visegrad member states are friendly and time-honored in which we take pride for the close cooperation between both sides in several domains and for the high level coordination at the bilateral and multilateral levels. We confirm that we are looking forward to enhancing the overall relations to reach the level of strategic partnership between the two sides.


The remarkable status of the Visegrad inside the European Union at the international level enables the grouping to undertake an important role in several geographical regions in the world and also at the international level as well. Therefore, boosting partnership between Egypt and the Visegrad member states is important for enhancing stability and security in the southern Mediterranean region and for achieving the aspiration of peoples of the region for more growth and prosperity.


Ladies and gentlemen,


Today's meeting took up means of upgrading relations between Egypt and the countries of the grouping in specific domains that are of priority to the parties either regarding promoting bilateral relations or relations with the European Union.


We discussed how to enhance cooperation in fighting terrorism and extremism. We confirmed the importance of consolidating international efforts for putting an end to terrorism. Also, we discussed cementing joint security cooperation in a way that enables us to handle all threats.


I would like on this score to confirm our agreement on the necessity of standing up to terrorism in all its forms and shapes and the importance of joint action in confronting the extremist thought and drying up its sources along with preventing countries and parties from sponsoring terrorism through extending financial, political and logistical support to terrorist groups.


We also discussed the crisis of refugees and means of handling it in a way that puts an end to the suffering of innocent people who are exposed to homelessness due to wars and persecution. We took up means of boosting cooperation to put an end to this human tragedy. We reached an agreement on the importance of solidarity by the international community to end the reasons that lead to illegal migration such as the deterioration of economic and security conditions. We confirmed the importance of maintaining efforts for hammering out solutions to political disputes that are the major reason for this phenomenon.


We exchanged views on the recent developments in the Middle East especially the crises in SyriaLibya,Yemen and Iraq along with current efforts for reaching peaceful settlements to these crises. We agreed on the necessity that the international community should exert more efforts for ending these conflicts. Also, we discussed means of pushing up the Middle East peace process in a way that helps achieve a just and durable settlement that is based on relevant international resolutions and terms of reference to guarantee implementing the two-state solution.


Ladies and gentlemen,


The important issues that were discussed today constitute only a beginning of an expanded period of viable cooperation with the Visegrad countries either at the bilateral level or within the framework of "Visegrad+Egypt" formula, with a view to further upgrading relations between the two sides and intensifying consultation at all levels.


In conclusion, I would like to thank once again Hungary for hosting this summit and also thank all members of the Visegrad Grouping for their keenness to coordinate and consult with Egypt in a way that would contribute to enhancing relations among our countries and meet the aspirations of our peoples.

Thank you very much.

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