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Statement by President Sisi at the Closing Session of the National Youth Conference

Thursday، 27 July 2017 - 03:11 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Ladies and Gentlemen,
My Sons and Daughters, the Great Egyptian Youth,

At the outset of my speech, in the presence of the elite figures of Egyptian society, allow me to pay tribute to the great Egyptian people, who have undoubtedly demonstrated that they are capable of tirelessly overpowering any challenge and imposing their free will to build Egypt.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure to address you in this august gathering, which has become a unique national custom. During the events of this conference, we exchanged views and answered questions preoccupying the public opinion.
Actually, we worked together with the spirit of patriotism and a high sense of citizen’s responsibilities, whether visions were consensus or varied, yet Egypt is the end and the free transparent debate has been the means. For that reason I am proud and honoured to participate in this event, amidst my daughters and sons of Egypt and this distinguished gathering of the Egyptian elites.

My Sons, the Egyptian Youth,
Creating common spaces between us and opening effective channels of communication between the State on one hand and the society in general and youth in particular on the other, is an imperative and inevitable necessity. The homeland expects all of us to broaden the horizons of successes, rather than being governed by private interests or narrow affiliations. The dialogue held among all parties; whether the people, the government or the institutions, represents a success and an achievement for the Egyptian state, which should be preserved and its positive results should be reinforced.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Allah, the Almighty, endows this fascinating country the ideal geographical position, the prime land, the ever-flowing Nile, and the greatness of the people. These gifts are associated with an inescapable destiny; i.e. the persistent posed challenges. Thus, we should continuously be defendants against every attack for the sake of keeping the great stock of history and civilizational heritage. We, as Egyptians, should confront the challenge with all strength and wisdom, preserve our nation and look forward to its future.

Egypt is, currently, facing great challenges and strenuous endeavours to suppress the will of its people and undermine their dreams of progress. As you are fully aware, the threat of terrorism and the accompanying tremendous capabilities and organizations have been increased at the regional and international levels. Nowadays, some states and agencies support radical terrorist groups through financing, organizing and training. Moreover, the media of these countries act as the mouthpiece of terrorism with unprecedented rudeness and intransigence. Their dubious roles which have become clearly inscribed on dark pages of the book of humanity, have been clearly known to the entire international community. Over the past four years, the black terror supported by these countries targeted Egypt with ferocity and determination.

The more we are determined to confront terrorism with positive thought, construction and development, and to accomplish more achievements on the ground in order to restore the Egyptian state and its institutions, the more they are aggressively planned. Addressing them and all Egyptians, I would like to reiterate that we are determined to continue the march of constructing this nation by the hands of its sons and we will relentlessly face every evil afflicting us, as long as the blood runs in the veins. Moreover, we will not abandon amputating all sinful hands contaminated with the blood of our sons, as well as we will not allow anyone to stop the course of the will of the Egyptians declared firmly and insistently on June 30, 2013.

On the other hand, we face up huge economic challenges that accumulated over long decades; henceforth, addressing such challenges has become inevitable, and the confrontation has become a must. I assumed office while the state was suffering from a severe economic crisis; a drop in foreign currency reserves, a huge general budget deficit, unprecedented negative indicators of trade deficit, unemployment, public debt and inflation, concomitant with a severe decline in state revenues from production and tourism.

Thus, I find it incumbent upon myself to put economic reform on top of national work agenda and at the forefront of my interests. The state with its institutions and experts managed to map out an advanced strategy and outline a comprehensive vision with the aim of reforming economy. I took my decision, out of my sense of national responsibility, to adopt this vision and confront the economic crisis in an integrated and comprehensive way no matter the amount of sacrifice we have to make. I assure you all that I will never go back on my pledges, i.e. honesty in words and courage in confrontation, paying no heed to any consideration except what my conscience dictates me to do. Frankly speaking, when I decided to adopt a bunch of hard economic measures, my decision relied mainly on my strong belief in the deep awareness of the great Egyptian people and their endless patience, side by side with my confidence in the systematic planning of these decisions, thus eventually leading to tangible positive results that began already to loom in the horizon; foreign reserves nearly doubled in less than three years, the balance of payments ran an overall surplus of about $ 7 billion during the first half of the current fiscal year, unemployment rates decreased and growth rates increased.

In the same vein and out of my keenness to ease the burdens of economic reform, I gave clear directives to the government and all institutions to adopt a bunch of social protection measures so as to help alleviate the suffering of the low- income brackets that are the most vulnerable to the impact of economic reform. I also gave my directives to the government to keep on developing the protection programmes and expanding their umbrella to cover a larger number of the low-income brackets.

From this forum and once anew, I confirm that I have never thought to achieve personal glory, garner popularity or boast of false achievements; rather; I look for a better future for this nation and care about nothing except satisfying my conscience. Our homeland deserves our sacrifices and requires that we all keep away from personal tendencies while striving hard to rebuild it. Thus, I sincerely extend my greetings and appreciation for the great Egyptian people who proved that their awareness and genius have never been negatively affected by malicious attempts to undermine their potentials.

At the conclusion of our discussions that always result in a bunch of clearly- stated recommendations; I took a number of decisions as follows:
1- Providing complete support and assistance to the “World Youth Forum” that Egypt’s youth called for and extending invitations to kings, princes and heads of state of all sisterly neighboring countries to attend the forum and share the youth their dream of realizing cultures’ integration and conducting a serious dialogue with the aim of outlining a message of peace and love.
2- Assigning the government, together with a group of youth, with working out a mechanism to follow up the implementation of the 2030-strategy and regularly assess it in view of domestic and international changes, while making sure to link the strategy with the government’s successive programmes.
3-Intinsfying the efforts of the government and state in order to develop Alexandria Governorate through the following:
A- Increasing the urban area of the city with a space of 18,000 feddans.
B- Taking all executive procedures for developing traffic corridors starting from Alex tram/Abu Qir train to Mahmoudia corridor and completing its all studies at a deadline by the end of year 2017.
C- Completing the development of the squat areas (Bashaer El-Khaier) with total of 7500 units and finishing them mid of 2018.
4- Starting to develop the ancient Rashid city within maximum 3 years from the beginning of work.
5- Finishing the industrial zones projects in Al-Baheria Governorate over an area of 1000 feddan and floating them for investment within two years maximum in coordination with the Industrial Development Authority in addition to, establishing an agricultural bourse on an area of 57 feddans at Al-Tahrir Zone, Wadi El-Natroon Valley and completing the project within only one year.
6- Completing immediately the executive studies of west Egypt development project in order to begin it including the logistic and investment zones as well as urban commuities.
7- The immediate start to float the 10000 feddans in Kafr El Sheikh Investment Zone, that stretches over 25 km on the coast late this year. This move will provide about 250000 job opportunities, when this project is completely achieved.
8- Making up a committee from the Ministries of Defense, Housing, Local Development and Gharbiya Governorate to study the building height limit and find a desert backyard area, provided that this study should be finished in three months in a bid to expand the urban development and maintain the agricultural canava.
9- The government shall consider and study immediately all petitions and complaints lodged by the inhabitants of West Delta governorates and collected by our youngman son Yassin Al-Zoghby. I shall be notified within a week about the procedures taken in this regard.
10- The government starts soon to prepare a comprehensive plan to establish an inclusive cultural entity at the new administrative capital and the new Alamein city including opera house, library, theater, heritage centers, museum and creativity workshops. In addition to preparing and planning for the establishment of a mini cultural and knowledge entity similar to them, in the new cities that are constructed in Upper Egypt. This plan should be finished within a month in order to arrange for the beginning of the execution.
11- The cabinet should finish the approval of the new administrative demarcation of Egypt’s governorates including the desert backyard of Upper Egypt governorates, and their borders that extend till the Red Sea, as well as modifying the borders of the rest of the governorates, to be submitted to the House of Representatives at the beginning of its next session, as a main step to prompt the development’s efforts and to achieve social justice Great Egyptian People Being extremely happy, while speaking to you from the charming Alexandria, and from inside the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and this international edifice, which indicates that Egypt is a time-honoured country, which had been originally the oldest public library in the old history, and established on Egypt’s land of culture and civilization.

My happiness increases with this distinguished attendance of our people from all Egypt’s governorates from Behira, Marsa Matruh, Kafr El Sheikh, and Gharbia.

Hope is growing inside me, and certainty increases, whenever I stand with my sons and daughters of Egypt’s youth. Planting hope in the spirit of those enthusiastic and promising youth is the real investment of the present and future. Thus, I give Egypt’s youth the greatest interests in the priorities of the nation’s work.

Certainly, I have an unshakable beliefe in the youth’s abilities. By their hands, the desert will become green and the nation’s gardens would flourish with hope and optimism. With their determination and persistence, the nation becomes stronger and more stable.

The future, that we all struggle to reach is for you, and the path to it cannot be reached, but with you. Bringing our dream to reality becomes closer and stronger than ever. Our dream is peace, stability and development. A dream for humanity that accepts differences, and civilizations that integrate not clash altogether. The dream of this time-honoured nation is the same you have for a life that you deserve and suits you. A life of construction not destruction, of peace not of war.

At the end, I assure you that I have a strong confidence in you and your capabilities and arms of our great people. Let us cross together the bridge of hope to reach the dream and the future we are seek for our great Egypt.

We always strongly chant: “long live Egypt, long live Egypt, long live Egypt”.

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