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Speech by H.E. President Sisi on Science Day

Sunday، 06 August 2017 - 12:00 AM

The Honorable Scientists of Egypt,
The promising Youth of Egypt,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, in the Science Day, in my name and on behalf of the Egyptian people, I extend a message of appreciation and hope to you. The appreciation comes in return of your giving, efforts and loyalty in learning and teaching knowledge and science. As for hope; your country expects from you more efforts, work and creation to bridge the gap between the unable reality and ambitious hopes.

Since the dawn of human civilization, Egypt has been the cradle of the idea of science. On its holy land, our great ancestors were excellent in presenting the world inventions, ideas and philosophies, whose affects are still alive in every part of the world. The Egyptian contributions were very much in all domains of science, like writing on the papyrus, mathematics, engineering, architecture, medicine, surgery, anatomy, measuring of time and many others. Until now, the successive studies made by researchers in Egyptology have been tackling the immortal effect this great country gifted to the whole humanity.

Today, we find ourselves requested more than before to renew the value of science and knowledge in our life, and inspire our great history to build a new reality that won’t be minor than our ancestors made or even greater than it. We find ourselves facing unavoidable necessity that provides science must take its due position in our country and lead our priorities and values as a culture and a method of thought, not only as a practice on the ground.

 In this context, please allow me to deliver you the following messages:

When I assumed office, I was immediately keen to meet the young inventors, then members of the Egyptian youth science academy and held the Science Day after a hiatus. My meetings with those who are engaged in the scientific research, its senior officials and Egypt’s scientists inside and outside the country, were going on to get acquainted with their views and findings of their researches for upgrading this homeland and bringing its great people’s aspirations into reality. Within this framework, the message was always, that the state has been fully aware of the role of science and scientists, and fully keen to honour its scientists, who dedicated their lifetime for the interest of this homeland, and benefit from their knowledge and expertises.  

Second: we believe that science, technology and production are the main components of the comprehensive development process.

Science is the base of technology, which is the most important bastion for production that is the nerve and essence of development.

A nation that aspires to a better future, must put the modern science in its worthy place, believing that this way is the most effective one to fulfil what we aspire to of a sustainable economic growth and comprehensive social development.

Third: The constitution paves the way for the Egyptian youth and scientists. It makes education a right for all, guarantees freedom of scientific research and inventors and guarantee rights of intellectual property.

The executive authority has been supporting efforts and activities of the scientific research.

In the past three years, the government’s expenditure for research and development has increased from L.E 11.8 to L.E17.5 billion with a rate of increase of 47%, not mention the direct financial support to the national projects that enhance the scientific research system in Egypt like the Knowledge Bank, Zewail City and the Egyptian – Japanese University.

Fourth: The Egyptian society is badly in need of new and developing scientific and technological outputs in the fields of health, medicines, agriculture, food, petrochemicals, space, automobiles, all kinds of alternative energy, treatment and desalination of water, communications and information technology. So, Egypt expects a lot from the civil society foundations, private sector, investors and businessmen to pump more investments for the technological and scientific research. The government has to find instruments to connect the scientific and research institutions on one hand and the producing ones on the other one in a way that boosts the technological development all over Egypt and achieves integration among the state’s all capabilities.    

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Egypt’s Great People

Egypt, which honours her scientists, provides the model and example to young researchers and inventors. Egypt calls on them to be aware that morrow is more hard than yesterday, and their people are looking forward to them with a respect and hopeful vision, in order to react and command the tools of the age as well as using them to achieve a better future for our homeland.

Therefore, I ask government to exert more efforts and seriously providing all assistances for Egypt’s honorable scientists and its creative youth. In this context, I decided the following:

First: The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research shall establish a fund for the young inventors and distinguished juniors care. The private sector and civil society will participate by a part of their social care budgets for this purpose.

Also, the fund will support the establishment of the Egyptian city for science, and technology and invention in the New Administrative Capital.

Second: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research shall take the required procedures in order to increase the number of prizes that offered by the state in all fields and double its amount.

Third: Establishing four new prizes in agriculture, food, health, medicines, energy, water and industry for young inventors. The prize value will be L.E 250,000. This decision will go effective as of the declaration the prizes this year.

In conclusion, I express all greetings, appreciation and respect to Egypt’s scientists and its creators, inventors and researchers. Let me tell you: “don’t spare energy nor effort for the progress and development of this homeland”.

You have to know that the state and whole people expect you to catch the scientific and technological advancement and positively participate in building of a new Egyptian civilization that inspires the ancient one and even surpasses it.

Thank You. Happy Returns on You.

Peace Be Upon You.

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