21 January 2019 04:31 PM

Aisha Fahmy’s Palace

Monday، 28 August 2017 - 11:10 AM

After having its doors shut for over a decade, the Aisha Fahmy Palace in Zamalek is reopening on 17/5/2017 after immense renovations that revived the glorious bygone days of this antique house.

The Aisha Fahmy palace was built in 1907 by Khedive Abbas Helmy and designed by the famous Italian architect Antonio Lashak to be the home of Princess Aisha, the daughter of Ali Basha Fahmy, the head of the army during King Fouad’s reign.

Its total area covers over 2,700 square meters and includes 30 rooms, two large halls, a basement and a roof, all richly ornamented.

The palace is currently managed by the Ministry of Culture’s Fine Arts department, which is eyeing to re-establish this masterpiece of a palace as a prestigious complex for arts and culture. The palace will serve as a platform for young artists to present their work in a dedicated hall, as well as a hub for some other cultural venues including music concerts.

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