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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Address to UN Security Council on Reform of UN Peacekeeping Operations

Sunday، 24 September 2017 - 02:24 PM


President Abdel Fattah El Sisi asserted on Wednesday that Egypt comes on top of countries participating in the UN peacekeeping forces.

Delivering a speech at a UN Security Council summit on the reform of the UN peacekeeping operations, President Sisi said that peacekeeping operations are not alternative to preventive diplomatic efforts and healing the social rift.

Also, President Sisi stressed the importance of giving high priority to conflict-settlement efforts.

At the beginning of the UN summit on peacekeeping operations, the president expressed his happiness for attending the activities of the event, which was held at an initiative from Ethiopia.

Furthermore, President Sisi welcomed approving a draft resolution entitled “the review of peacekeeping operations”, which represents a step in the right direction to strengthen the UN peace and security system.

Sisi expressed hope the draft resolution would focus on addressing shortcomings in the UN system, in pursuit of reaching a comprehensive vision to prevent conflicts and maintain peace, in addition to supporting the UN peacekeeping role to achieve that vision and the necessary decision-making mechanisms.

In this regard, Sisi put forward the following points:

First: He underlined the high importance of preserving the international security and peace, which they should not be alternatives to the preventive diplomatic efforts, mediation, peace-building or any other political, economic or social aspects aimed at remedying the roots of problems and healing the social rift.

Over the past three years, Egypt has been calling for adopting a new strategic approach to dealing with the UN peacekeeping operations within a concept that includes integrated political and operational plans, Sisi reiterated.

The new approach shall go in line with political and field variables, that largely reflect stances of several countries, Sisi noted.

Egypt sees such an approach as a key factor, in light of the serious challenges related to armed conflicts, which resulted in weakening national institutions and the state’s ability to provide basic services, as well as tearing up the social fabric, Sisi said.

Second: Sisi pointed out that Egypt called on the international community to give top priority to the disputes-settlement efforts.
The President seconded the UN resolutions that stressed the importance of giving the top priority to political efforts and considering them as a base for the various missions of the United Nations.

Third: The President stressed that the role of the United Nations should not be an alternative for the roles of the governments.
He called on the governments to bear the responsibility of protecting civilians rather than leaving such important role for the UN Peacekeeping missions.

Fourth: Sisi said that drafting the mandates of Peacekeeping missions by certain countries rather than by all countries taking part in such missions hinders the success of the respective missions.

Concluding his speech, the president stressed Egypt’s commitment to playing its regional and international role and make every effort to eliminate the challenges of international peace and security.


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