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ALO general director greets Egypt on 6th of October anniversary

Saturday، 07 October 2017 - 05:02 PM

General Director of Arab Labor Organization (ALO) Fayez Matiri greeted the Egyptian people on the 44th anniversary of the 6th of October, 1973 victory.

Matiri congratulated Iraqi Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammed Shia al Sudani for being elected head of the organization's board of directors. He congratulated also his deputy Gebali el Maraghi who is Chairman of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF).

This came during the procedural session of the 87th round of the ALO's board of directors.

Matiri stressed that the Palestinian issue is considered a pivotal one for all the Arab countries, noting that a report will be reviewed on the suffering of the Palestinian workers and people in the Arab occupied territories as well as the Israeli assaults.

The report tackles also Israeli oppressive policies and terrorism which are considered flagrant violation to the human rights conventions.

The ALO general director urged the international community to face the Zionist entity and implement the international legitimate resolutions, calling on the international bodies concerned to adopt measures that contribute to developing economic conditions of the Palestinians.

Matiri highlighted the variables witnessed by the Arab region which entail paying attention to social and developmental issues such as poverty, unemployment, empowering woman as well as the youth and focusing on societal dialogue.

He further stressed the need to achieve development with its broad definition to allow the Arab countries overcome all challenges.

Matiri reviewed also following up implementing the resolutions of the previous round of the board of directors and the measures taken by the organization to implement the resolutions of the 44th Arab Labor Organization conference. 


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