17 October 2018 12:40 PM

Sisi: Egyptian-French ties boosted over past 3 years at all levels

Tuesday، 24 October 2017 - 11:19 AM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed that the Egyptian-French ties witnessed a boost over the past three years at the political, military and economic levels.

Sisi asserted that renewing religious discourse is a prerequisite for disseminating the upright teachings of Islam which call for forgiveness, highlighting the role of al Azhar in this regard.

Asked about the Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt, the president wondered if there is any spring, especially with regard to Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

He said the Egyptians staged two revolutions in two years and toppled two presidents, therefore people’s will is a power that should not be underestimated.

He added that the Egyptians are ready to offer more sacrifices to protect their nation and identity.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said that 30 million Egyptians took to street in 2013 to call for the resignation of ex-president Mohamed Morsi.

He said the state has old and strong institutions capable of absorbing the impact of revolutions which represent people’s will.

He said the army has a sole goal which is protecting people and the nation away from any clannish considerations.

The president cautioned of the ideology of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group and those who adopted it to assume power.

He said all terrorist groups whatever their titles are; Hasm, Qaeda, Daesh or Boko Haram, adopt the same ideology aiming at destroying the whole world not only Arab states. 

Asked if Egypt is gearing up for a long-term war against terrorism, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said all extremists fleeing from Syria and Iraq will try to access Libya to be their haven and, hence, orchestrate snap attacks on Egypt as well as African and European states.

Regarding relations with Iran, President Sisi said in his interview with France 24 that relations with Iran has been severed for around 40 years. As for Iran's role in the region and whether it is a threat as the Gulf states see, President Sisi said we support the Gulf states in terms of their security and stability and believe that their national security is part of ours and Egypt is part of the national Arab security and this includes security and stability of the Gulf region.

The president stressed support to any measures that would lead to stability and peace in the Gulf. Egypt seeks to ease the tension and guarantee the security of the Gulf brothers and not on the account of anyone, he added.

As for rapprochement between Iran and Qatar, President Sisi said that it is enough for use that the 14 demands of the countries aimed at protecting our nations and this is clear in the role played by this country.

Asked about coordination between Egypt and France about Libya, President Sisi said certainly there is coordination and Egypt is keen on restoring stability to Libya, eliminating terrorism and reaching unity of its lands. There is an opportunity for a political solution to the Libyan crisis and Egypt supports this opportunity, he said, adding that Egypt supports the agreement among Libyan brothers and assists them to reach a political solution they all agree upon.

Libya's stability and sovereignty over its soil in the end serves Egypt's national security, President Sisi said, stressing Egypt's support to reaching a peaceful solution to prevent further deterioration and therefore there is constant coordination. 

Asked about renewal of the religious discourse, President Sisi said progress has been reached in this respect and Al Azhar is mainly concerned with this issue and exerts efforts in it. However, efforts need some time in order for us to feel any results, he said.

As for giving priority to Africa and returning to it after a long time, President Sisi told France 24 that Egypt is part of Africa and this is a normal return for Egypt. Our relations with our brothers and partners in Africa has become even stronger that before and this is Egypt's steadfast policy regarding its brothers in Africa, the president said.

Asked whether there is a certain mechanism for developing the economy in order to create job opportunities, the president said Egypt has an ambitious economic program and there is a difference between the deterioration of the currency and liberation of its exchange rate and the latter is what Egypt has dome so that its currency would have a real value and that the price of goods and services would be based on the real value of the currency. Previously, the state supported the dollar's exchange rate and therefore supported all purchases in dollars, but now everything is priced according to the real value of the Egyptian pound, the president said.

Concerning the international youth conference, slated for November 4 in Sharm El Sheikh, President Sisi said he was keen to invite representatives of youths from all parts of the world. He referred to periodical meetings with Egypt's youth over a whole year, saying we have found the experiment very fruitful in terms of exchanging views and building confidence between youth and the government and the idea developed into youth conferences that include representatives of youth from world countries to discuss world issues from the youth's perspective.

Asked about the possibility of reaching reconciliation with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood during his term and ahead of the presidential elections next year, President Sisi said "to me, this question always has one answer, which is that only the Egyptian people have the answer to it and not me personally." The Egyptian people are very angry and everybody should take this into consideration, he stressed.



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