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Egypt and Oman

Wednesday، 29 November 2017 - 11:25 AM

Egyptian-Omani relations are historical dating back to 3500 years ago. This created wide scale relations on the economic and commercial levels between the two countries. These relations have  developed  after the rise of Modern Oman to include political; strategic; social and cultural aspects. Thus, the convergence of ideas and stances of the two countries concerning the critical issues of the region did not come out of a vacuum  but history and geography have crystallized their mutual stands.

Egyptian-Omani relations are cornerstone on the Arab political level. This is clearly reflected in the policies that have been conducted in solving all differences through negotiations and dialogue. Both countries call for peace and stability on the international and regional scales  provided not abandoning any of the Arab rights in general and the Palestinians’ in particular. Therefore, the two countries have an identical stance at providing maximum support to the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve their legitimate rights.


The relations between the two countries reflect an unprecedented level of mutual understanding; political coordination and cooperation on various bilateral, regional and international issues. These relations derive their strength from the multiple aspects of cooperation between the two brotherly countries.
Political Relations
Mutual Visits
Economic Relations
Cultural Relations

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