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Address by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on occasion marking Prophet Mohammed's Birthday

Thursday، 30 November 2017 - 12:48 PM

His Eminence Grand  Sheikh Al Azhar

Reverend Preachers

The Great People of Egypt

The anniversary of the Birthday of our Prophet, the Prophet of Mercy, comes this year a few days after the shocking evidence that tore apart our hearts and shocked the whole world.

It is a coward terrorist attack against the peaceful people who were performing their prayers in a mosque…. it is an accident committed by criminals who have not the least of humanity principles and who have no mercy  ..that mercy which our prophet called for!

Celebrating this honorable anniversary, and wishing the best for the Egyptians and the  Arab and Islamic world, we wonder how those criminals claim that they follow the path of the prophet and at the same time commit such horrible crimes? How do they believe in Islam which urges for tolerance and forgiveness  and corrupt on Earth? What logics they rely on  to  justify their  killing of the innocent, the children and the aged depriving them from their rights in survival?

Brothers and Sisters

Egypt has indulged all through the past years in a complete war against those seeking the collapse of the State and draining its efforts to impede its stability. It is  a war led by a faction thinking that Egyptians will easily stop going on in the process of construction and development. This faction is fully supported by foreign powers that provide them with arms, funds and terrorist elements in a try  to dominate the region and impede Egypt to play its regional role targeting security and stability of the Middle East and political, social and economic development.

I should refer to the attendants here as they are the actual  guides who should turn darkness into light. The terrorist attacks Egypt is witnessing aim at hindering its efforts for development and draining its economy. The devastating thoughts never build nations or civilizations. This is greatly reflected in the incapability of the different countries around the world which are  exposed to terrorism and extremism  to achieve actual development.

For instance, the reconstruction process of Syria requires $ 250 billion. Achieving security and stability is the responsibility of the whole community and not only the Police and  Armed forces’. The devastating thoughts will never prevail or hamper development. We have  never meant to abuse Islam but the extremist and terrorist thoughts did  distort it, and that negatively affected the Image of Muslims.

So it is obligatory that all Egyptian institutions move together on various scales to confront such plots with power and determination.

On the security scale, the State is keen to confront whoever is threatening its stability. It takes the necessary actions for defence, enhancing its armed forces capabilities, protecting boarders and avenging for its people.

And today I confirm that the blood of our martyrs will not be in vain hence I  seize this opportunity to assign Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces General Mohamed Farid Hegazy the responsibility to restore stability and security in Sinai in the next three months in cooperation with the ministry of the interior using the ultimate force. I confirm as well that the armed forces and policemen are determined to uproot terrorism and we all have  trust in God.

On the other hand, realizing that the economic development is a main factor that would help uproot terrorism, the government is seeking actual boom, so it adopted a reform plan to solve the problems confronting our economy aiming at achieving high rates, establishing developed infrastructure, and sustainable development, to provide job opportunities for the  youth and  good living standard for the Egyptians. The State’s efforts target reconstruction and prosperity as the deterioration witnessed through the last years needs years to reform. We are exerting our utmost efforts  and the outcomes are promising in spite of the current circumstances and the war waged on terrorism during the last four years. However we are witnessing high development rates and working to achieve development in all sectors. We are determined to make  of Bir El Abd a  renowned city.

Ladies and Gentlemen

As you all know the building of a human being, enlightenment and protection against destructive thoughts are  not less , if not more, important than the other axes previously mentioned. That is why I demanded the renewal of the  religious preaching speech to purify it from the fake ideas used to mislead our youth.

Frankly speaking, the process to enlighten minds and settle  the social  and cultural concepts needed for the protection of our people cannot be  carried out by the State alone..it is a collective work where the State works in cooperation with the whole community. Seizing this occasion ,I call upon you all to stand shoulder to shoulder and protect your sons from being exploited by terrorists. I call upon the youth to be armored by knowledge and values of coexistence and acceptance of the other. I call upon men of religion and thought to work more to spread the values of tolerance and forgiveness.

The Great People of Egypt

At the end of my speech, in this holy occasion, I call upon you to follow the example of our prophet who is missioned to  complete the ethical virtues..let’s make of this occasion a  light to guide us to the right way, and be sure that Egypt will be victorious and its prospects will be fulfilled soon .. God Willing

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