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Address of President Sisi in Joint Press Conference between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece

Wednesday، 22 November 2017 - 12:00 AM

Your Excellency Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the beginning, I would like to re-express my deep appreciation to my friend President Anastasiades for his warm hospitality since my arrival yesterday to Nicosia, and to affirm my pride for meeting my friend Prime Minister Tsipras in our fifth meeting today within the framework of the tripartite cooperation between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You know that the cooperation mechanism between our countries aims at enhancing economic cooperation and entrenching our stable political relations, yet I can confirm with all confidence that this mechanism had turned; since being launched in Cairo on November 11, 2014, to one of the main pillars of preserving security and stability in East Mediterranean.

Now, it is not the time to review the strong historic relations between our countries, or to pay tribute to the role of our civilizations and its contribution to humanity along centuries, however, I would like to clarify that such a mechanism aims at continuing the role of our countries in the future, so as to ensure the security and stability of the region and the prosperity of our peoples.

In today’s summit, we have tackled means of enhancing economic cooperation between our countries and following-up the developments of the joint projects and the new fields of joint cooperation, thus enhancing our objectives in providing new job opportunities for our youths, who are looking forward to us today to see tangible results on the ground that would safeguard their interests and guarantee their future.

Within this context, promising fields for cooperation appear, like that of energy and wastes recycling in a way that achieve a sustainable development for our resources to gurantee the future of the coming generations and preserve its wealth.

In the light of the historical relations binding our peoples since many Cypriots and Greeks have stayed in Egypt, it is natural to agree on holding a week under the title. “The Egyptian Cypriot and Greek Communities to Revive the Roots”, during which, those who had already lived in Egypt, will come back in January 2018 and visit the places, where they stayed.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Out of a growing sense of responsibility for the area, we belong to, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece are committed to exert all possible efforts to attempt restoration of security and stability to East Mediterranean and seriously face all problems, the area are suffering from. As I reiterated yesterday following my meeting with His Excellency President Anastasiades that the Cypriot and Palestinian Questions would have a special priority in our talks.

In this context, some crises like the Libyan and Syrian ones and others crop up. They are a challenge facing us to maintain basics of the international law on one hand and support these states and their peoples to overcome the current crises and hazards on the other.

Terrorism remains a major danger threatening peoples of the area and the whole humanity. This necessitates coherence of all states and dedication of their potentials to counter it, because providing a safe living to our citizens is the most minimum limit of the human rights imposed by our responsibilities, besides facing the extremist ideology with all its types.

Related to this issue, we continue our talks about the best ways to tackle the illegal immigration, which appeared due to the situations in the East Mediterranean, through a comprehensive and an integrated approach that deals with the roots of this crisis economically and socially.

In conclusion, I reiterate my thanks to Mr. President Anastasiades and Prime Minister Tsipras,  hoping that our next summit will witness more common action to boost our states’ cooperation, and be held amidst more stable atmosphere in our area.

Thank You Very Much


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