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Speech by President El Sisi in joint Press Conference with Russian President

Monday، 18 December 2017 - 12:01 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen

At the beginning, I'd like to reiterate my welcome to my friend President Putin who is in a very  important  visit to Egypt  that reflects the  strength of the historical and close relations between Egypt and Russia.

These relations that combine the two countries go back to history and they are characterized with their strength and durability either on the political level through the constant coordination regarding the various regional issues or on the bilateral economic level, starting from the High Dam in Aswan in the South of Egypt to  Helwan  Iron and  Steel Factory and to the signing of the contract for establishing the first nuclear power plant  in Egypt on the Mediterranean. Egypt all around  is witnessing  entrenched markings on the strategic alliance relations between Egypt and Russia.

Your Excellency

Ladies and Gentlemen

During the last decades ,the two countries laid the basis of the distinguished relations they enjoy and within this context came my discussions with his Excellency President Putin in which we tackled the means to drive and enhance the bilateral relations, either those concerning the joint industry, food security, promoting inter trade exchange or attracting Russian investments to Egypt through establishing a Russian industrial zone in the economic area of the Suez Canal.

We have agreed upon assigning the concerned ministers to follow up these files and overcome any obstacles that impede the execution of the projects we are intending to carry out with Russia in the near future, working with  the same coordination spirit  that prevailed over the negotiations of the establishment of El Dabaa power plant, which is the first of its kind in Egypt. 

Ladies and Gentlemen

As cooperation between Egypt and Russia  is to secure a better future for the two brotherly peoples, coordination continues to cover the regional issues that would affect the national security of the two countries believing in the ultimate importance of restoring security and stability in the Mediterranean to realize the interests of its peoples and guarantee a better future for the youth specially after  the long torment of the severity  of war and its destructive consequences.

Within this context, we tackled the situations the Palestinian cause witnessed  during the last few days upon the U.S.A resolution to move its Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and its hazardous consequences on the future of security and stability  in the region. I confirmed to President Putin the importance to preserve the legal status of Jerusalem within the framework of the international references and related nations' resolutions and the necessity to avoid complicating the status in the region through taking measures that would undermine the peace opportunities in the Middle East.

Here, I should commend the outstanding role played by Russia in the settlement of the Palestinian cause through the last decades, individually or  within the context of the international quartet mechanism which was comprised in a time we wished it would contribute to narrowing the gap between the two parties reaching a final just settlement for a cause that remains the oldest among the pending political issues which the whole world negotiated but have not been settled yet.

Though the Palestinian situation excessively occupied our discussions today, yet we paid great care for the situations in Syria and Libya and means to guarantee a political settlement for these files in due time.

In Syria, our viewpoints were compatible concerning a number of basic situations, on top of which comes the continuity of joint action to preserve  and expand the regions of reduced tension to accommodate the proper political negotiations; and within this context we tackled the exerted efforts that successfully resulted in the comprising of a unified negotiating delegation from among the different Syrian opposition platforms. We also agreed upon supporting the process of negotiations ran by the nations envoy to Syria to reach a comprehensive political solution realizing the legal prospects of our brotherly people of Syria and preserving Syria's unity, regional security and coherence of  its  institutions.

In Libya, Egypt highlighted the importance of the integration of the international community to avert any political or security vacuum and Egypt will continue supporting the efforts exerted on the political path and adopted by the Nation’s envoy to finalize the transitional stage and run the presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya. Cairo will also continue its efforts to unify the Libyan military institution which are appreciated by all the Libyan sides and lately yesterday during my meeting with Fayez El Seraj, Head of the Presidential Council of  Libya.

I also agreed with President Putin on the importance to reinforce the exchange of information in between the concerned organs to continue the efforts in combating terrorism and most specifically concerning the moving of the terrorists from the unstable regions to other countries to commit their terrorist deeds there. We also confirmed that all countries should not give permission to such terrorists to pass through their territories and to exchange all the information they have on them with other countries and with the concerned international organizations.

Your Excellency

Ladies and Gentlemen

On my own Behalf and on the behalf of the Egyptian people, I reiterate my welcome to President Putin and his visit to Egypt and I emphasis the strong historical strategic relations between the two countries, and our hope to continue enhancing these relations for fulfilling the prospects of our peoples in stability and development.

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