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Presidential Elections 2018

Thursday، 11 January 2018 - 03:15 PM

The National Election Authority (NEA), chaired by Counselor Lashin Ibrahim, announced on Monday 8/1/2018 that the presidential election for expatriates will be held for three days starting March 16.

The NEA added that the elections will be held domestically for three days starting March 26.

In case of a run-off, the round will last for three days starting April 19 for expatriates, the NEA said, adding that it will run for three days starting April 24 for nationals inside Egypt.

The NEA added that candidates can submit their candidacy applications starting January 20 until January 29.

The NEA noted that the final list of candidates will be announced on February 24.

The results of the first round of the election will be announced on April 2 while the final results, after the second round, will be announced on May 1, the NEA further said.   

Executive Board of National Election Authority (NEA):

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued Law number 503/2017 as regards the executive board of National Election Authority (NEA) as follows:

Head of National Election Authority (NEA),

- Counselor Lashin Ibrahim Mohamed Soliman Lashin, Vice President of the Court of Cassation.


- Counselor Mahmoud Mohamed Helmy Ahmed El Sherif, Vice President of the Court of Cassation.

- Counselor Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelhamid Soliman , President of Cairo Court of Appeal.

- Counselor Yasser El Sayed Ahmed Ahmed Ali El Maabdy, President of Tanta Court of Appeal.

- Counselor Ahmed Abdel Hamid Hassan Abboud, Vice President of the State Council.

- Counselor Fares Saad Pham Handal , Vice President of the State Council.

- Counselor Hani Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Vice President of the State Lawsuits Authority.

- Counselor Abdel Salam Mahmoud Abdel Salam Mohamed Ramadan, Vice President of the State Lawsuits Authority.

- Counselor Mohamed Abu Dheif Pasha Khalil, Vice President of the Administrative Prosecution Authority.

- Counselor Khalid Youssef Ibrahim Iraq - Vice President of Administrative Prosecution Authority.

Presidential Election 2018 Timetable

Legal Procedure

Number of Days


Candidates Registration

10 Days

Saturday to Monday

20/1/2018 to 29/1/2018

Initial list & Number of supporters per candidate

2 Days



Receiving objections to candidates

2 Days

Thursday to Friday

1/2/2018 to 2/2/2018

Reviewing objections

5 Days



Notifying the rejected candidates

24 Hours



Announcing the final list

1 Day



Presidential campaigns are run from

28 Days

Saturday to Friday

24/2/2018 to 23/2/2018

Choosing the campaigns’ symbols

1 Day



Last date for withdrawal

15 Days before voting day



First round Election for Egyptians outside Egypt

3 Days

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

16/3/2018 to 18/3/2017

First round for Egyptians within Egypt

3 Days

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

26/3/2018 to 28/3/2018

Original end of vote counting

1 Day



Announcing the final result of the first round




The second round’s presidential campaigns

9 Days

Sunday to Monday (12 pm)

15/4/2018 to 23/4/2018

Voting for Egyptians outside Egypt in the second round

3 Days

Thursday - Friday - Saturday

19/4/2018 to 21/4/2018

Voting for Egyptians within Egypt in the second round

3 Days

Tuesday - Wednesday- Thursday

24/4/2018 to 26/4/2018

Counting votes

1 Day



Announcing the final result of the presidential election




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