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Sisi’s closing speech at “Story of Homeland” conference

Monday، 22 January 2018 - 01:17 PM

The great people of Egypt

As a start of my talk today, I would like to express to you my great happiness and gratitude for the valuable dialogue that we have experienced over the past two days and today. We have listened to a detailed review of the facts and figures of what has been happening on the land of Egypt, which represents a great national epic, faithful effort, hard work, huge accomplishments and great sacrifices. We have witnessed together with certainty and truth the magnitude of what has been done on the homeland and we discussed the feasibility of the above mentioned and exchanged views about what is coming and the fact that we have to formulate. To conclude, over the past years we have passed one of the most difficult and critical years that our nation witnessed over its long history.  We reviewed during events of our conference what has been done on the ground of planning and sincere work in the framework of our national project and vision (Egypt 2030). "

“As I believe that constructive dialogue and dialogue are the means to find a national formula to meet the challenges facing us and to recognize that the exchange of views and listening to all views and views provide the decision maker with various alternatives and options. The review of the achievements of the previous phase was evaluated and discussed by a group of representatives of all Sectors of society, and I was keen to listen to the questions and inquiries of the great Egyptian people; These questions reflected the keenness of citizens to clarify the facts and awareness of the current situation in the interest of the nation and the start to build the modern Egyptian state, a modern democratic civil state, which we all seek, and how happy I was when I felt the honesty and sincerity in the questions of Egyptian citizens and that they realize the real desire to have to seek to know the facts of things and maintain the strength of the national row and cohesion of living force in society with youth and his men and ladies.

I say without exaggeration and despite all that we have heard and followed that what has been accomplished in nearly four years cannot be summarized and reduced in 3 days but the purpose was to provide glimpses of the product of hard work and hard effort and solid will of the sons of this great people.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am telling you the truth that the real hero of the battle to preserve and defend the Egyptian state and its capabilities and reconstruction and development are the Egyptians themselves.

As you see, Engineer Mohammed and our son Fayez are models of our sons in Egypt and in all the projects of Egypt we meet the examples like this engineer and we find the army and the police to secure Egypt.

They are the heroes who rose up in defense of their homeland when the forces of darkness attacked it, who stood at the borders nationwide defending their security and peace of  their land, heroes who  worked under sun as farmers and workers who cultivate good and hope. They expressed their will freely and independently and impose it on the entire world. They have proved that the voice of the Egyptians is audible and their word is written and their will is valid.

All that we have achieved on the land of Egypt would not have become fruitful without the wisdom of this great people and the strength of its constitutional institutions. I would like to pay tribute to this great and honorable people, who were protected by awareness and adherence to the principles of their homeland. They were a great barrier against who wanted to harm their homeland. From this platform, I would like to record my deepest appreciation to our great Azhar , the Lighthouse of  moderation, and to our Coptic Church, which bears the banner of love and patriotism and the unlimited pride of the great army of Egypt, the guardian of the fortunes and fortified fortress that protects the land and protects the will of the people and our brave national police. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who holds the banner of   enlightenment, science and culture of thinkers, scientists, innovators and intellectuals who hold  the beacons of awareness and the source of our soft power..  Special tribute and pride to the Egyptian woman.

The Egyptian woman, who has endured, did her best and persevered and made sacrifices so that this nation remains great and tribute to every mother, wife, sister and daughter who bore and sacrificed for the sake of this nation’s rise.

"As for the Egyptian youth, who are aware and ambitious, they are the source of my full confidence in their national determination, and I also believe in their unlimited capabilities that I felt during my tours of the work and production sites as well as in my numerous meetings with them at youth conferences throughout the country. I tell them that the homeland will move forward by their hands and ideas towards wider horizons of construction and advancement.

Sons of Egypt

I stand before you now speaking of what I have been thinking about without considerations or determinants. I did not spare a moment in a task that I was entrusted with. I spare no effort for this country. I was and still ready to sacrifice my soul for the sake of this country and this people, I was never seeking for a power or authority, I tell you the truth that  all  have  been achieved and progress made despite the greatness of the amount is not the ultimate ambition of our dear country, Egypt House and nation that filled  hearts, Egypt is a glorious cradle of civilization,  the start of history and the gift of geography I still wish to see it at the forefront of nations, maker of glory, returning to the place it deserves.

The people of Egypt

In my belief in our experience and what we have achieved, I present what has been achieved in four years to the next President, who you will freely choose in the next presidential elections, which I pledge to be a model of freedom and transparency and equal opportunities for the candidates.  I hope that the one you will choose to add more to the achievement and raise high the building.

"I appeal  all the sons of Egypt to go to the polling stations , young men and women and men and women to choose who they see eligible and able to lead the country in the next four years and I look forward to seeing a new model presented by the Egyptians to themselves before presenting it to the whole world  that embodies their keenness to exercise their democratic right and their electoral duty and confirms above all their awareness of the need to have  elections  reflect the will of the masses of this great people. "

Ladies and Gentlemen

 I have shouldered the responsibility when you have entrusted me with your desire and your free will and made every effort I can to protect this nation, which I ask God Almighty to accept from me what I have exerted with sincere devotion and impartiality to this great people and to this generous nation. It was my vow to you that I can only work day and night and able to face every challenge as long as you stand by my side, as I have confirmed before and assured you again that I cannot stay a second in taking responsibility against your will, and today I recaptured the moments that have passed us and reminded me of the huge challenges facing the country and the size of aspirations and ambitions that we hope to our country, I find myself again perplexed before my national conscience.

I tell you frankly and transparently that we are used to it, so please allow me and accept my candidacy for the post of President of the Republic and regain your trust for a second term. "

In fact before I finish if you price the efforts I exerted and you want to make me a favor regardless the person you want to choose all I ask you to do is to show the world your massive turnout to the polling stations.

"All the people in the world have to watch us because we are an experience  ... Egypt is an experience  ... Egypt from 2011 in the experience and you are practicing experience over 4 years and everything we do is an extension of the experience  ... the humanity has the right to see a real experience of a real people wanted to change his reality and his future and insisted on it and our Lord Almighty when he wanted to change helped us to change so complete the great experience ..  And I do not want to tell you more than once that your massive turnout to the polling stations is a big signal and a new beginning.

“As I told you last time  ... If it is the will of God who is the owner of the world gives the power to the person who selects  ... You will get tired with me  ...  Of course.. Not with me personally.. Of course for the sake of it and it deserves that we get tired and sacrifice and be deprived.. Its right on us and it worth it. We have to be patient as much as we can till it becomes a great nation.

Before I leave and thank you all.. I would like to thank the Upper Egypt people.. I tell you why.. The Minister of Transportation two days ago was saying that there are 23 km in front of the bridge and we have to wait for a year as there is a problem in the land at Tima City.. I asked Gen. Kamel to go and speak with the people.. I swear in God.. Just I have finished the word on the microphone, they went there and accepted removing the house so the work started and now the road is under preparation. They didn’t get any money.. I greet them as they greeted Egypt.

Long live Egypt.. Long live Egypt.. Long live Egypt

Peace, mercy and blessings of God"


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