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President Sisi's Speech during celebration of 66th Police Day

Sunday، 28 January 2018 - 12:48 PM

In the Name of Allah the Almighty;

Members of the Police Authority;

Ladies and Gentlemen;

It gives me great pleasure to celebrate with you the 66th anniversary of the Police Day. In this day, we renew appreciation of the great Egyptian people for the sacrifices paid by their sons from the Police personnel. That Day happened in Ismailia, where the sacrifices of the Egyptians were manifested. These men, who set an example of bravery and courageousness, put before their eyes the dignity of this dear homeland, which for it all sacrifices are paid.

This glorious Day in our national history represents an occasion to recall the sacrifices of our Police personnel, who were and still are in the forefront of defending their homeland, courageously confronting any attempt of undermining its security. We shall always remember this Day in our history; which represents a symbol of the Egyptians’ upholding to their sovereignty over the homeland and the hero Policemen.

The Police personnel are an integral part of this indigenous people, and their heroic stance in Ismailia, January 1952 was derived from the strength of this people, and his keenness to preserve his dignity and willingness to give up everything in order to protect his national pride and have a control over his destiny; such traits that are still leading our march till the present day towards realizing the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptian people for a better future to his sons.

As we pay tribute to the heroism and sacrifices of the police in the past, we acknowledge with appreciation, respect and pride of their sacrifices in the present, as challenges and threats have grown up, thus necessitating a continuous development of the Police Apparatus –which we strongly back- on all levels.  Our Police is always facing up to the major responsibilities that lie on its shoulders and exerting utmost efforts to ensure the security and stability of this homeland and the safety of its people.

Noble People of Egypt,

Maintaining Egypt's national security at this critical stage is a major responsibility and a top priority. You all know the magnitude of the unprecedented threats facing the region, which have exceeded the seriousness and repercussions of any previous challenges. States have been threatened to survive, civil wars broke out, sectarian and ethnic conflicts erupted, millions of Arab people have been subjected to extreme human suffering, deprived from security, food and shelter and suffered the fear for their children and grandchildren with no hope in the future.

In the framework of this harsh scene, which has not ended yet , Egypt, thanks to Allah and the wisdom of its great people in addition to the efforts and sacrifices of its hero army and police, has succeeded to avoid many dangers and preserve the homeland and the safety of its sons and daughters.

The black terrorism is the most important and biggest challenge that wreaked destruction in the region due to the collapse of some countries that gave the opportunity to the terrorist groups, which unfortunately found supporters, who provided them with funding, training, logistical support, political cover and a non-stop media propaganda.

In confronting this bitter reality, Egypt stood alone facing terrorism and those, who support it with strength and relentless determination depending on the civilization of its great people, who shunned terrorism and raised its voice rocking out the region and the world, stating that Egypt will never be part of this sinful arrangement and will never be a base of terrorism and the forces of evil and destruction. In this respect, the people assigned the Armed Forces and the police to confront and besiege this danger until it is finally eliminated, with the help of Allah.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Honorable Sons of Egypt;

Today, I would like to pay tribute to our great Egyptian people on the occasion of the anniversary of the 25th of January Revolution, which called for noble demands that seek freedom, human dignity and decent living for the Egyptian citizens. In order to achieve these demands, Egyptian honourable blood of noble martyrs was shed. This has been the motivation for us to fight the battle of development so as to give Egypt a different and a new reality.

No doubt that the strengthening of stability, supporting the rule of law and creating a climate of security are the most important factors that are considered a necessary prerequisite for advancing in the development efforts on all levels. In this regard, the major importance of the role of the national police institution, which is appreciated by the loyal people of Egypt, becomes apparent.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Members of the Police;

In the Police Day, I extend you my greetings, as well to the martyrs of the police for their heroism and precious sacrifices, and to the injured policemen and their families .I tell them that Egypt will never forget the heroes, who sacrifice and stay vigilant to protect Egypt and its people, and that Egypt will take revenge, which is not only the revenge of the martyrs, but it is also that of Egypt and all the Egyptians. It is the revenge for the blood of the martyrs of the army and the police, as well as all the Egyptians who were killed in terrorist acts.

May Allah preserve this dear homeland to remain secure and safe forever and to proceed on its way towards the future with determination and confidence.

Long live Egypt. ..Long live Egypt ...Long live Egypt,

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You.



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