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Monday، 19 February 2018 - 11:38 AM
Military jets hit 5 targets of terrorists in Sinai

Egyptian military jets have destroyed five targets of terrorists in Sinai as part of an operation that started on the peninsula February 9. 

As many as 166 targets have been shelled in North and Central Sinai, a military statement said on  Monday19/2/2018. 

It added that four armed takfiris were killed in a shootout with troops. 

Military engineers also destroyed 101 explosive charges that had been planted in areas of the operation, the statement read. 

Four caves and hideouts were also destroyed, it said, adding that they contained mines, bombs, weapons and ammunition, as well as automotive spare parts. 

A media center of terrorists has also been detected, the statement said, noting that it contained computers, weapons and wireless communication devices.

The troops also destroyed 244 hideouts and caches that contained machine guns, ammunition and wireless communication devices. 

More than 11 tons of drugs have also been seized as part of Operation Sinai 2018. 

Twenty-seven vehicles and 100 unlicensed motorcycles used by terrorists have also been destroyed during combing operations. 

Also, 417 criminals, wanted elements and suspects were nabbed, according to the statement. 

Meanwhile, one officer and two conscripts were killed, and two other officers were injured during the face-off with terrorists. 

A number of suspects were also freed by the army after examining their security status.

The Interior Ministry has, meanwhile, been issuing birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates for residents of North and Central Sinai in an effort to control the security situation there.


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