26 April 2019 10:27 AM

Egypt becomes international center for energy transport

Thursday، 22 February 2018 - 03:00 PM

Presidential spokesman, Ambassador Bassam Radi, asserted that Egypt has all the potentialities and facilities that render it particularly a regional center for energy and gas.

Rady explained that in order to enjoy this advantage, any country must fulfill basic conditions,  the first  of which is to be an accomplished gas producer, which Egypt is due to realize,  transport, and distribute gas - as stipulated by the recent gas agreement and must have gas liquefaction plants.

In a telephone interview to "Ten” channel, Rady said that the majority of the countries in the region do not have gas liquefaction plants, while Egypt has two gas stations in Idco and Damietta.

He pointed out that the agreement between the Egyptian private sector and its Israeli counterpart will greatly benefit the Egyptian state because the gas transport will be carried out through Egypt's transport network.

The imported gas will be treated and liquefied to be usable and re-exported at the Egyptian liquefaction plants in Edko and Damietta, which is a source of income to the state.

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