22 September 2019 04:16 AM

Court adjourns trial of 23 "Ansar al Sharia" elements to March 5

Friday، 23 February 2018 - 11:10 AM

Cairo Criminal Court adjourned Thursday the trial of 23 terrorists of 'Ansar al Sharia Brigades' to March 5.

The trial was postponed to complete unsealing the exhibits of the case.


The defendants face charges of murdering 12 police personnel, attempting to murder nine others, possessing firearms and manufacturing explosives.


Investigations revealed that the prime suspect el Sayyed el Sayyed Ata Morsy had formed the terrorist group to spread extremist thoughts, carry out attacks on military and police personnel and target Copts, their places of worship and property.


According to the probe, the suspect had helped the group carry out several terrorist operations, ordered members to fight in Syria, trained others in making bombs and provided them with shelter.



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