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Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

SIS translates Zubeida’s TV interview into English, urges widest distribution

Wednesday، 28 February 2018 - 01:52 PM

In connection with the statement issued by the State Information Service (SIS) as regards the BBC report aired and published 23 February 2018 refuting the professional errors and violations as well as allegations about the situation in Egypt, especially the false claim of the “forced disappearance” of Egyptian citizen Zubeida Ibrahim Ahmed completely disproved by her appearance in a TV interview with renowned anchor Amr Adib on February 26, SIS has undertaken to translate the full interview into English, publicize and distribute the translated interview in order to reach a wider target of media bodies and public opinion outside the Arab world to better debunk falsehoods about the situation of human rights in Egypt, of which the BBC correspondent’s report is a perfect example.

The State Information Service calls on all those keen on preserving the truth, integrity and objectivity of professional media conduct in today’s world both in Egypt and other peoples of the world to fully contribute in the dissemination, distribution and broadcast of this translated interview on the widest possible scale until truth of the incident has been fully elucidated and bias, errors and violations in some press and media coverage, inconsistent with the internationally recognized norms and regulations, have been eliminated. 

The State Information Service wishes to reiterate what had already been demanded as follows:

·       Issuing an immediate apology by the BBC for the falsehoods included in its correspondent’s report as well as publishing the apology along with broadcasting the translated TV interview with citizen Zubeida in the exact way, number of replays and duration of its flawed report.

·       Seriously and swiftly taking into consideration the remarks and criticism mentioned in the SIS statement issued on February 24 and taking all necessary professional and administrative measures to correct the errors and violations it included, according to the BBC code of Conduct and regulations approved by the Office of Communications (Ofcom).     

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