21 July 2019 05:29 PM

Russian Mufti stresses solidarity with Egypt, world against terrorism

Saturday، 03 March 2018 - 01:35 PM

Russia's Mufti Sheikh Nafigulla Ashirov stressed his country's solidarity with Egypt and the entire world in the efforts aiming to combat terrorism and extremism which defame Islam and Muslims.

The Mufti told MENA, during a visit to Cairo, that the Russian Federation has long suffered from extremism and radicalism, a fact that claims several victims due to thoughts promoting violence.

The Mufti asserted the importance of implementing the recommendations issued by the recent international conference organized by Awqaf Ministry on terrorism, especially regarding supporting efforts of the national state in the face of terrorism and considering it a national and religious duty.

Ashirov shed light on the necessity of solidarity against terrorism after it has turned into a global phenomenon and the importance of agreeing on a comprehensive international definition of terrorism.

Islamic scholars in Russia are currently working on spreading rightful Islamic awareness through clarifying the correct Islamic teachings and values, calling for tolerance and peaceful coexistence, Ashirov said.

He pointed out that the Muslims in Russia are enjoying freedom and availability of building mosques, after 75 years of suffering under communism, highlighting that Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the opening of the Grand Mosque in Moscow.

He lauded the religious role played by Egypt's Al Azhar el Sharif and Awqaf Ministry through dispatching scholars for the world's countries to teach the correct Islamic values and transfer their expertise to the Russian scholars.

He urged sending moderate Islamic scholars to the Muslim communities in Europe to explain the correct Islamic teachings.


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