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Maya Morsi emphasizes importance of woman voting bloc

Thursday، 08 March 2018 - 03:25 PM

The National Council for Women (NCW) organized a seminar on the National Elections Authority's plan for the  Observation and Monitoring of the upcoming presidential elections. It was attended by Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women, the Honorable Judge Lasheen Ibrahim, President of the National Elections Authority (NEA), and General Rifaat Komsan, Vice-president of the Executive body of the Authority.

Dr. Maya Morsy expressed her great happiness in welcoming today  all the members of the National Elections Authority,under the chairmanship of the Honorable Judge Lasheen Ibrahim, especially  as this important event coincides with the celebration of  Women's  Day in Egypt and in the whole world,  as well welcoming them in the Council's headquarters,  at this critical moment in the history of our beloved homeland, and as the whole world is watching the launching of the presidential elections in Egypt.

The President of the National Council for Women congratulated the Honorable Judge Lasheen Ibrahim, President of the National Elections Authority, for assuming this important national role at this critical moment, as President of  the first ever independent authority in the history of Egypt. He  is also entrusted with the administration of referenda and the organization and supervision of all electoral processes.  She also welcomed the women and men members of the Authority.   Dr. Morsy affirmed that the political awareness of Egyptian women has witnessed an unprecedented development,  stressing that Egyptian woman represent 49% of the electoral base in Egypt. The indicators indicate that the participation rate of Egyptian women in the referendum on the Constitution in 2014 was about 55%  and about 54% of the total votes in the previous presidential elections .

She affirmed that Egypt is waging a fierce war against terrorism, and despite this, the Egyptian State is moving forward with the implementation of giant national projects, through the adoption of an ambitious development strategy, based on economic, social and comprehensive  development reforms. She  added that Egyptian women have achieved long-awaited gains and successes during the past four years.   For the first time, there are  6 women ministers in the cabinet, representing 20% ​​of the current Egyptian government. A woman was also appointed as the national security adviser to the President of the Republic,  as well as the first woman governor (Governorate of the Beheira), and  4 Deputy Governors. The first women Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and the President of the Administrative Prosecution Office are also women, as well as the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank for the Oversight and Supervision of banks, and the Office of the Governor's Sector.  Also for the first time in Egypt, 6 women  were appointed as deputies to the Head of the State Judicial Commission, thus increasing the number of  women judges in Egypt to 66.

Dr. Morsy added that the President of Egypt declaring  2017 as the Year of  Egyptian Women represents a historical step . His Excellency also tasked the government, all the State's agencies, and the National Council for Women, to consider the 2030 Women's Empowerment Strategy as their working document for the coming years, to activate the plans, programs and projects included in the strategy. In the first quarter of the year 2017, 1.33 million women  were beneficiaries of microfinancing. The savings and lending project which has been implemented at local level in several governorates benefited 18,000 women.
The Takaful and  Karama program for cash transfers  reached one million and seven hundred  poor families.

On the political level, women succeeded in securing 90 seats in the parliament in 2016, representing  15%,  and thus increasing the percentage of women  from 1.8% in 2012,  during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood  after abolishing the quota. But women refused to be deprived of their rights.Dr. Morsy affirmed that the Egyptian woman was and still is the first defender of the house and the homeland. She is the soft power that protects the homeland and sacrifices for it, referring to the queues of Egyptian women and girls who were strongly present in all the political rights claims that Egypt witnessed after the June 30 Revolution ( the referendum on the Constitution; the presidential elections; the parliamentary elections ). The throngs of women were a most beautiful scene … The Egyptian women defended and contributed to the achievement of all  the political and constitutional gains. The Egyptian woman was the champion on the presidential election scene and her participation in the voting process was most impressive.

She also addressed a salute to all the wives, mothers and daughters of soldiers who were martyred to save the country. 

 Dr. Morsy informed that The National Council for Women launched a campaign under the slogan "Give Your Voice to Egypt Tomorrow" .. targeting  the women in the villages and hamlets to tell them that their voice is a responsibility and that their role is important during the next stage, to support and stand by their country and not relinquish their participation in the presidential election .  They should also encourage their family members to participate in the upcoming elections and do their duty towards Egypt.   The campaign has reached several hundreds of thousands so far. In order to complete this campaign, the Council launched another one called" Knocking Doors", in all the governorates of Egypt , in which help from enlightened local community leaders was sought, such as the rural  community leaders and the members of the National Council branches in the governorates.

The President of the Council then addressed a message to every Egyptian girl and woman is: " Go Down and Participate".. "You are writing the history of Egypt" …  "Your voice in the Presidential Elections  is  a red card to terrorism and extremism"…." You are the third line of defense after the army and the police .." and concluded by saying It is time for Egyptian women to declare their own free will and to once again dazzle the world.

 In his speech, the Honorable Judge Lasheen Ibrahim, President of the National Elections Authority, confirmed his appreciation of the role played by the Council and its efforts to upgrade the role of Egyptian women in all fields so they can assume the status they deserve in the society, and to uphold the values ​​of equality stipulated by the Constitution. He also expressed his admiration and appreciation of the campaign "Give Your Voice to Egypt tomorrow " launched by the Council to urge women to actively participate in the forthcoming presidential elections.  He added that voting in the next elections, for any candidate, represents a vote towards a better future for Egypt, referring to the Authority's participation in such seminars and meetings.

The President of the National Elections Authority confirmed that the Egyptian people have taken serious and confident steps in the path towards democracy and  Egyptian women have always been one step ahead, from the 1919 Revolution to the June 30 revolution. Since attaining their political rights, women have participated in the political and parliamentary life, whether as candidates for parliaments, voters in referenda, presidential and parliamentary elections, or as party members, heads of committees or assuming responsibilities in committees.  He emphasized the increasing role of women in building their society.   Towards this end, the country adopted a number of important initiatives and policies such as the establishment of the National Council for Women and the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood.

 The Honorable Judge Lasheen Ibrahim stressed that women's political participation is neither complementary   nor an addition,  but that  it is primarily a right as well as  a duty for women.  He emphasized that the participation of women in all the electoral entitlements, especially in the upcoming presidential elections represents a basis for the Egyptian state to  build upon and rely on  along its path to democracy.

He also confirmed that the presidential elections are the most important manifestation of the democracy for which we fought. Our struggle has been successful, democracy has now become a reality and we are practicing it. The presidential elections are taking place on the scheduled date.  We announced a multi-party competitive elections, conducted with impartiality and transparency, under the supervision of an independent national authority. He called upon everyone to participate in the upcoming presidential elections, to express the national will to choose who shall govern Egypt, and to stand united so that the next presidential elections truly reflect the epic of our love for our homeland.

The Honorable Lasheen Ibrahim called upon the Egyptian woman (mother, sister, wife and daughter) and every woman who offered a martyr to the homeland,  to open her arms to Egypt and stand in front of the polling stations in a scene even more awe-inspiring than the previous one, presenting a scene of patriotism worthy of our nation.   He urged them to give their voice to Egypt, and participate in building its future .

He concluded by adding: "Come on, Egyptian girls, ladies of Egypt;  Go to the polling stations ... Stand in line for your country…Declare that your struggle   will be for making this nation a remarkable one .. Write a new page of your national struggle .. Vote for Egypt . Choose who shall govern your country for the next presidential term"

Counsellor Mahmoud Sherif, Vice President, indicated that the National Electoral Authority is an independent body with a moral personality that enjoys technical, financial and administrative independence. The Authority was established in accordance with Law No. 198 of 2017 and is exclusively concerned with the administration of referenda, presidential, parliamentary and local elections, the organization and supervision of all related operations,  with independence and neutrality; as well as preparing the voters' database and inviting them to elections or referenda, and obliging all State agencies to assist it in performing its duties.

He stressed that the establishment of the National Authority, is part of the democratic reform in Egypt, and reflects the level of confidence of the Egyptian citizen in the Egyptian jurisdiction.  He indicated that the Board of Directors of the Authority is comprised of ten judges from all judicial bodies, and that the National Authority for Elections is a permanent body and not a temporary one. Its members have a clear vision and plan for the advancement of the Authority, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

General Rifaat Komsan, Deputy Executive Director of the Elections, declared that he was proud of his presence in the National Council for Women, which is responsible for Egyptian women's empowerment. He confirmed that women played an important role in the political events over the years and that their political participation started well before the revolutions of 25 January and 30 June.  He stressed the importance of their participation in the forthcoming elections, as a national duty and a constitutional right .

He clarified that women represent 48.5% of the Egyptian population, and 49.6% of those entitled to vote, confirming that this is due to the important role played by the National Council for Women in the issuance of national ID cards for  poor women at governorate level.

Ms. Isis Mahmoud, Director General of General Administration for Training, emphasized that the Council exerted many efforts to raise women's awareness of the importance of their political participation in the forthcoming presidential elections.  This was carried out through the campaign " Your Voice for Egypt  Tomorrow", which took place across the whole country, and the "Knocking Doors" campaign,  in cooperation with rural community leaders, preachers from the Ministry of Awqaf and  Nuns,  in order to reach the women in their homes to make them aware that their voice is a responsibility, and that voting is a duty and a right to preserve the achievements of Egypt

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