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The Post Museum

Sunday، 15 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

The museum is located at Al-Ataba Square in Central Cairo, on the second floor of the Central Post Office. The museum was established in February 1934 and it was opened for the public in January 1940.

The Post Authority developed and expanded the museum into a vivid record of the development of postal service in Egypt over the years.

The museum contains a collection of artifacts, pictures and documents illustrating the ways in which messages have been delivered within Egypt over the centuries.

The museum's area is 543 square meters and it has more than 1254 exhibits in its ten different sections which are: a historical section, a section for postal equipment, a third for stamps, a fourth for postal buildings, a fifth for transport, a sixth for costumes, a seventh for maps and statistics, an eighth for air mail, a ninth for conferences and lastly the tenth for foreign mail.

Postal services flourished in Egypt since the Pharaonic Old and Middle kingdoms and have been a paradigm of precision.

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