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President Sisi’s Speech in Egyptian Family Day Ceremony

Wednesday، 21 March 2018 - 03:11 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

His Excellency, Omar Hasan El-Bashir, President of the Brotherly Republic of Sudan

Dear Brothers and Sisters ,

Ladies and Gentlemen ,

May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

At the beginning, I would like to welcome my dear brother President Omar Al- Bashir and the accompanying delegation. I welcome them among their family and in their country EgyptIt is a significant occasion for me and all Egyptians to celebrate the Egyptian Family Day with a dear brother and a close friend, which honestly expresses the deep-rooted feelings of brotherhood among the peoples of the Nile Valley. Egypt and the Sudan are considered one family and one people that are bound by eternal and indissoluble bonds of brotherhood, friendship, unity of path and future .This is what settles in the conscience of every Egyptian and Sudanese, out of  this special relationship which has linked the two countries and two brotherly peoples and out of what brings them together: joint history and civilization,  continuous human relations and affinity, kinship, and blood relations, in a way that makes the Egyptian and Sudanese people be like a one peoples in one homeland .

 I do not exaggerate when I say that what brings together the Egyptian and Sudanese peoples is a holy bond, whose origins date back to the time of the creation of earth, and will eternally continue. The great Nile River might be considered the main symbol of these relations and the inseparable link between our two brotherly peoples .Therefore, I would like to reaffirm Egypt's belief that the security, stability and interests of Sudan have always been and will be an integral part of Egypt's security, stability and interests. Throughout ages, history and experience have revealed to us that every positive development take place in Sudan and for its people brings about good effect on Egypt and its people, and vice versa .

 Let me dear brother, assure you that the policy of Egypt, government and people, towards the brotherly Sudan, always been marked by commitment to its stability and security, the pursuit of progress and prosperity of its friendly people and the desire to support and strengthen relations between the two countries at all levels, making the best use of the joint interests so as to lay the foundations for full cooperation, coordination and integration in all fields, in order to maximize the joint gains, in pursuance with the hopes and aspirations of the two peoples, and the deep-rooted combined feelings of love, affection and compassion.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Great People of Egypt

Our country is moving forward, day after day, towards the better by Allah’s willing. Together, we have overcome hard times and difficult situations. We have, successfully, passed difficult experiences due to our solidarity, sincere intuition and devotion, thanks to the great sacrifices of some of us, who paid their lives defending the sand, dignity and freedom of the homeland. Together, hand in hand, we are surpassing the plots and schemes of the forces of evil. In this respect, we are strongly facing their rancours and insisting on achieving victory with an unwavering will and a genius people, who never accept humilation.

Therefore, we have throughout the last years, laid a firm foundation for the future state, which we dream of. It is the state of progress, prosperity, good and peace. Also, it is the state of stability and development, where its people live with dignity under its flapping flag. Again, I reiterate my boundless trust in the people of Egypt and their ability, authenticity as well as their deep perception of all the events that are taking place all around. Here are loyal sons of Egypt abroad setting an example in patriotism and making the whole world witness their love for Egypt and keenness on an effective and positive participation in drawing the feature of the future for themselves, their sons and grandsons.

All the greetings and respect to every father, mother, son and daughter who performed their national duty to decide the future of Egypt, affording the difficult climate conditions as well as the hardships of travelling from one city to another in order to give their votes in the presidential election regardless of their choices, in which they are completely free.

I have no doubt that the faithful people of Egypt will respond to the call of their dear nation… the call of Egypt…and will participate in the presidential election in the republic, believing that their participation means a lot. Frankly speaking, whatever the choices or the political opinions of the Egyptian people are, their intensive participation in the elections gives the country a big push forward, raises the name of the country among the nations and sets the foundation for a better and more secure, stable and prosperous future.

For every Egyptian man and woman, who dreams of a better future, I tell them you are the future and the hope of this country. To the dear sons and daughters of Egypt who never hesitate to support their country and respond to its call, I would like to say: “Raise Egypt high, make its voice heard worldwide, let the whole world witness how we can altogether set the foundations of glory.”

Ladies and Gentlemen

Allow me at the end of my word to welcome once more my dear brother, His Excellency President Omar El- Bashir, President of the brotherly Republic of Sudan. Welcome dear President in your country on this precious occasion for us all as your Excellency has joined us today the celebration of the Egyptian Family Day.

Thank you All,

May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

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