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Farid Shawqy

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

Name: Farid Shawqy
Birth Date: 1924
Biography: Actor, writer, and producer Farid Shawqy was born in Al Sayeda Zainab, Cairo, Egypt.

He studied acting at the Acting Institute. He started his acting career as a script writer. He debuted on screen in "Malak El Rahma" (1947) or "Angel of Mercy" and made different roles in films and won a lot of acting and production awards.

Farid also worked on stages, he established "Al Rabetta Al Qawmia" Theater group. He appeared in many TV series such as "Al Bakhil Wa Ana" or " I & The Stingy ". Farid was married to the actress Hoda Sultan and to Sohir Al Turk and had four daughters.

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