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President Sisi's Speech at national conference on scientific research inauguration

Tuesday، 27 March 2018 - 04:50 PM

In the Name of Allah the Merciful

Distinguished scientists,

My sons and daughters, young researchers, innovators and scientists of the coming generation,

Ladies and gentlemen, 

It is my pleasure to meet you today at the opening of the "National Conference for Scientific Research: “Launching the Energies of Egyptians". This meeting comes a month after our meeting last February at the 3rd African Forum on Science, Technology and Creativity, which reflects our genuine interest and great appreciation for your role in building the future of this dear country.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

You know that Egypt is facing many challenges at the current stage. Such challenges have been imposed by international, regional and internal conditions including terrorism that has revealed its ugly face throughout the recent previous years, the political instability in Egypt after 2011, and the economic conditions that were in dire need of urgent intervention. Our approach in facing these challenges was based on a comprehensive and integrated program.

First, we sought to cement the pillars of the state, strengthen and consolidate its institutions, and restore the stability without which we can not move forward in addressing our problems.

Secondly, we have set a comprehensive strategy to counter terrorism, which has cultural, social, military and security dimensions. In this context, the “Sinai 2018” operation has been launched by the Armed Forces and police achieving a big success, which makes us confident that we are on the right track to besiege and eradicate terrorism. May the pure blood of the martyrs, heroes and sons of Egypt, be always a shining beacon and a strong motivation to achieve what those heroes sacrificed their lives for.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The third element of the approach, we have taken to deal with the major challenges that Egypt has faced over the past years, is to improve the economic situations, which were severely affected by the instability after 2011. We have neither resorted to the painkillers, whose harms are greater than their benefits nor propagandized an illusion and false hopes. However, we have all pledged to bear the bills of a real economic and social reform, which, although costly, is the only right way to achieve our great hopes for our homeland, which we have promised Allah to put in a high rank among the developed nations and societies by our joint efforts and sacrifices.

 In the heart of the battle of comprehensive reform and modernization that we are leading, comes the scientific research.  The activity which is also seen in innovations and innovators support, youth empowerment, linking the scientific research to the state’s development plans, supporting national mega projects and starting reaping the fruits of applying the outcome of the scientific research in the fields of energy, water, agriculture, food, health and drugs. This makes us feel self- confident, proud and optimistic about the future. This is based on our clear vision of “Development 2030”, and on our national strategy of science, technology and innovation. Our sustainable development strategy 2030 attaches the utmost importance to diversify income resources, combat poverty and enhance the knowledge economy. This is done through promotion of human resources and innovation, entrepreneurship, boosting local industry, transferring technology, and building bridges of vital cooperation among Egypt’s scientists inside it and abroad.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The scientific research is considered a strategic choice to overcome various difficulties that hinder the development plans, especially that development which is not based on scientific bases that support and promote it, remains a vulnerable development. Furthermore, depending on givens and results of scientific research, and avoiding taking haphazard decisions, is positively reflected on the society’s sustainable and stable development. Here comes the importance of investment in the fields of scientific research, development and innovation as a strategic tool that contributes in achieving a comprehensive development.

In this context, Egypt is keen on exerting the utmost to make science a public utility for the whole people. Egypt has taken great steps in this respect, and in each step it added something new that increases the strength of the scientific foundation. Thus, Egypt has established scientific research bodies and institutions that had significant additions, and led to strengthen faith in the importance of scientific research and technology in building and promoting the scientific state. In the last four years, Egypt has devoted serious attention to the scientific research despite all challenges.

In brief, the total support offered by the government for scientific research projects and innovation and innovators approached LE 3 billion. This support included developing the labs by about LE 500 million, enhancing the fundamental researches by about LE 540 million, innovators, young and junior reshearchers by about LE 100 million. Moreover, the state boosted reshearches and developments projects in the fields of energy, water, agriculture, pushing the local industrialization, connecting the scientific research with industry and technological incubators by a total finance exceeding LE 600 million and finance of international cooperation with more than LE 240 million. Furthermore, the state provided databases, magazines, and scientific references through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank by about LE 1 billion, as well as obtaining grants for research projects funded by the Europian Union at about LE 500 million.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The era in which we are currently living, is that of the technological and scientific challenge. This era depends on international participation where the only access to foreign markets is through creativity, high quality education, and advanced training. The race of civilization is one of the features of our contemporary world that depends on what peoples produce of couture, science and technology as well as the related giant economic growth.

Finally, I extend my appreciation to Egypt’s honourable scientists, creators and innovators. I assure my confidence and that of the Egyptian people in your abilities, capabilities and devotion to realize our great people’s hopes and aspirations in building a modern homeland that enjoys peace, prosperity and flourishment.

Thank you, I wish you all the best “Long live Egypt…Long live Egypt…Long live Egypt”.

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You

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