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Sisi: Arab national security facing unprecedented challenges

Sunday، 15 April 2018 - 03:35 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has called for a comprehensive strategy to face threats to Arab national security.

Arab national security is facing unprecedented challenges, Sisi said in his speech at the inauguration of the 29th Arab Summit, which kicked off on Sunday 15/4/2018.

Some regional countries are acting to harm rights of neighborhood, Sisi said, adding the army of a regional state is also present in two Arab countries.

The President stressed full support for the Palestinian people in their struggle to attain their lawful rights.

The Palestinian cause, which Sisi called a central Arab problem, is fading amid inactivated international resolutions and conflicts among Arabs and among Palestinians themselves.

All this plays into the hands of parties seeking to entrench occupation and division, and to end the Palestinian dream to achieve an independent State, Sisi told the summit.

Egypt had contributed to outlining a draft resolution, which was ratified by the UN General Assembly with a majority of 128 votes last December, Sisi said, seeing in that yet another proof of the genuine and constant Arab right to Al Quds.

Arabs are still committed to peace as the only strategic choice, the Egyptian president reiterated. He added that the Arab peace initiative remains the most suitable framework to end the occupation and overcome decades of conflict.

The world community should live up to its responsibilities in countering policies meant to entrench occupation and create new facts on the ground through confiscating Palestinians' rights to their occupied lands, including Al Quds (East Jerusalem), Sisi stressed.

He also warned that the current Palestinian division is being used as a pretext to maintain occupation. Egypt is assiduously working with the Palestinians to help them close ranks and regain national unity, which Sisi believes is a key factor in peace negotiations.

This summit is held as one Arab country faces, for the first time since its establishment, a real existential threat and systematic attempts to topple national state institutions for the sake of sectarian entities and terrorist organizations, the Egyptian president said.

Meetings are being held to end a fierce civil war that already left more than 500,000 Syrians dead, but with no Arab presence, Sisi said.

A regional party has made use of the state of instability in the region to create areas of influence with the help of local powers inside some Arab States, Sisi added.

Frankly speaking, some Arab brethren have had a hand in conspiracies with regional parties and in providing financial support for terrorist groups, he said.

The Arab world is indeed facing the biggest threat since the national liberation period, Sisi said, calling for coordination to counter that threat.

A comprehensive Arab strategy is needed to counter existential threats and re-establish relations among Arab neighbors based on clear-cut rules that respect the sovereignty and independence of states, the president noted.

From Iraq to Yemen, we can see the dangers wherever we are, President Sisi said, citing the jeopardy posed by terrorist organizations and sectarian factions, which misuse the religion and faiths for their purposes.

I am assured that you are following the efforts of the Egyptian Armed Forces and police in the Sinai 2018 campaign aimed at uprooting terrorism, not only posing threats to Egypt and its people, but also to the whole region, humanitarian civilizations and heritage, Sisi said.

Our war against terrorism should witness concerted efforts against terror groups, a wide-scale war against their organizations, arming, political support, ideology, and media coverage, the president added.

Those who carry and use the weapons are all partners in terrorism and the heinous crimes committed at the hands of the terror groups, he said.

I am satisfied with the proposed resolution in the Arab summit, aimed at developing the Arab action on fighting terrorism, Sisi said.

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