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Mufti stresses importance of building moderate Muslim personality

Tuesday، 24 April 2018 - 12:04 PM
Mufti stresses importance of building moderate Muslim personality


Egypt's Mufti Shawki Allam asserted on Monday 23/4/2018 the importance of building a moderate Muslim individual, who follows the right Islamic teachings, noble principles and high ethical standards.

Addressing the "International conference on teaching Islam in official institutions", currently held here under the auspices of President AbdulAziz Bouteflika, the Mufti said that the formation of a Muslim individual’s character must be based on solid knowledge of Islamic teachings.

The Mufti highlighted the importance of teaching Islam at all official educational and practical institutions whatever science a student studies, for the Muslim to get acquainted with the scientific frameworks offered by scholars in various branches of knowledge. 

Allam pointed out that leaving the mission of teaching Islam to individual practices or haphazard ways could result in grave effects, which has led to the emergence of extremist and Takfiri groups, who have nothing to do with Islam.

Allam underscored that several values should be considered in the Islamic curricula, citing coexistence as a major value along with dialogue, tolerance and acceptance of others.


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