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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Speech on Occasion of Sinai Liberation Day

Thursday، 26 April 2018 - 02:43 PM

April 25, 2018

 Great People of  Egypt,

Today, we celebrate the 36th anniversary of Sinai Liberation Day, for which the Egyptians sacrificed  their blood to restore a precious part of their homeland. We swore to protect it and preserve our land whatever the price and sacrifices are.

The experience of restoring Sinai by war and peace taught us that the Egyptian neither forgets his revenge nor accept defeat. This experience taught us that the Egyptian nation always uprises to restore its rights and force  others to respect it.

We had learned from the several successive wars and difficult peace negotiations that the right, which is supported by power will eventually be victorious, and the Egyptian people do not cede their land and they are capable of protecting it in war and peace.

The liberation of Sinai is the reaped fruit of the Egyptian people’s struggle. The  brave men of the Armed Forces were up to this historic and great responsibility.

Today, 36 years have passed since the liberation of Sinai, we have to contemplate our achievements and our steps forward to future.

It is well-known that the colonial ambitions in Sinai have not ceased and it is still prone  to different  threats. We have been ,along years,  combating fierce attacks launched by terrorist organizations that are supported and financed by some countries and organized bodies.

A big network of the terrorist organizations made use of the recent political chaos in the region to usurp large territories in some sisterly countries. These organizations deluded  themselves to do the same in our dear land.

Frankly speaking, it is the right of the Egyptian people to be proud of their loyal sons in the Armed Forces and Police, who proved efficiency and high military standard. They engaged in this unorganized war and achieved many successes, as they encircled terrorism and squeezed it.

Egypt’s success to establish security and stability in the few recent years is a genuine achievement that is hailed by the world. Maintaining security of a big country like Egypt, amidst examples of absent security, sectarian division, bloodshed, political division and state collapse, is undoubtedly worth-noting. This underlines the steadfastness of  this people and its Armed Forces. So, in this occasion, we reiterate our pledge to maintain and protect the dignity of this homeland.  

Great Egyptian People,

Egypt has adopted peace and sustainable and comprehensive development as a strategic trend and a springboard of the  aspired future. The future of nations is not made by slogans nor biddings, and its fate  shouldn't be subjected to illusions or haphazard policies.

In Egypt, we have followed the path of construction, development and peace.  We are fighting  terrorism in Sinai by all means, as we pursue development and achieve prosperity everywhere.

We believe that Egypt’s great people will not hesitate to exert their utmost efforts to realize this development as soon as possible.

War against terrorism does not only require weapons, but also development, reconstruction projects,  job opportunities and realization of future  hopes.

Dignified and Generous People of Egypt

The anniversary of Sinai Liberation will remain a feast for all Egyptians; in commemoration of their strong will, efficiency of their Armed Forces as well as their distinguished combat abilities and the cleverness of the Egyptian diplomacy and the loyalty of Egypt’s historic leaders. All of them have made up for an eternal national epic to realize peace in terms of right and justice.

The memorial of our brave martyrs with their great heroic actions and sacrifices will always survive in Egypt's conscience; and will ever  be a momentum for more work and progress to make our aspired future .

May Egypt Be in Peace and Progress.

Long Live Egypt, Long live Egypt, Long live Egypt

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You.

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