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President Sisi attends Labor Day ceremony

Sunday، 29 April 2018 - 02:07 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has attended a ceremony organized by the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) on the occasion of Labor Day .

The event is attended by Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, Defense Minister Sedky Sobhy and a host of ministers and senior officials .

The ceremony started with a Holy Quran recitation.

ETUF Chief  Gebaly Mohamed Gebaly delivered a speech at the ceremony in which he expressed his appreciation and deep thanks to President Sisi for attending the event, which he said is an occasion for Egyptian workers to express to Sisi their appreciation for him.

He congratulated Sisi on being elected for a second presidential term, adding that the win of President Sisi confirms the victory of the will of people who have faced years of unprecedented challenges and threats and succeeded in spite of all this to restore the state from the conspirators; to cement its pillars; and to decisively combat terrorism.

Gebaly also expressed appreciation to Prime Minister Sharif Ismail and his cabinet ministers and all the executive officials who were keen to participate in the ceremony. He appreciated also the role of Al-Azhar, the Ministry of Awqaf and the Church for their cohesion in the face of the forces of evil and false ideas. Gebaly said the new presidential term will witness an improvement in the living standards of the majority of the people, a joblessness drop, and a decrease in price hikes. He added that this requires Egypt's workers to achieve a GDP growth higher than the population rise for better living standards and more job opportunities.

He praised Prime Minister Sherif Ismail's call for the board of the ETUF and the heads of the trade unions to meet on April 16 to discuss the problems facing workers and ways to solve them so that stability could prevail in the production sectors.

He pointed out that the union chiefs raised a number of issues that they hope the government will take the necessary steps to have them solved.

He said the ETUF is keen to complete the establishment of a technological university to graduate trained labor able to compete in the Arab and foreign labor markets in implementation of the directives of President Sisi.

He noted that the manpower committee of the House of Representatives has ended discussion of a draft law on labor, that takes into consideration the social and economic changes experienced by Egypt. It also expands the umbrella of social and health insurance for workers, he said. Gebaly pointed out to President Sisi's directives to pay attention to seasonal and irregular workers and to work to provide social protection for them.

The ETUF chief said that nations go through periods in which they need to take serious steps to achieve stability and to work after they realize the extent of the challenges they face.

"Egypt has overcome the stage of danger and has stabilized the pillars of the modern state that has succeeded to plan and implement many development projects," Gebaly told the ceremony.He said that the mission of President Sisi was not easy or simple to govern a large and key country like Egypt and to lead a people of more than 100 million in difficult and complex conditions at the internal, regional and international levels.

He cited also unprecedented challenges, malicious media campaigns and wars by terrorist groups and all those who have emerged from these terrorist organizations.

"No one can deny the achievements that have been accomplished during the first term in office of President Sisi," Gebaly said, adding that the Egyptian people know very well the size of what has been achieved during the difficult circumstances the country had passed through.

The ETUF head asserted that Egypt's workers are confident that the president's belief in the capabilities of Egyptians, especially women and youth, will lead to achieving the desired change in all aspects of life. He pointed out that after the approval of President Sisi of a new law, the trade unions will hold their elections in May, stressing that these polls will be held in a climate of transparency and under full judicial supervision.

Gebaly said that believing in the leading role of President Sisi at the Arab and African levels, the ETUF hosted a conference of the Nile Basin trade union federations in Sharm El Sheikh, where the trade union blocs of Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan signed protocols of cooperation.

The ETUF also organized, in cooperation with the Arab Labor Organization and the Ministry of Manpower, an Arab labor conference under the auspices of President Sisi, added Gebaly.

It inked several protocols of cooperation with a number of Arab trade unions to promote cooperation and give priority to Egyptian labor to work in Arab countries, he said.

He pointed out that the celebration of Labor Day coincides with the commemoration of the great people of Egypt of the 36th Sinai liberation anniversary and also with the comprehensive Sinai 2018 operation.

On the occasion, he congratulated President Sisi and the Armed Forces. He also expressed appreciation of the workers of Egypt for the martyrs of the army and police who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the homeland.

Manpower Minister Mohamed Saafan asserted, in a speech before the audience of the Labor Day ceremony, that President Sisi succeeded in restoring the Egyptian state from the conspirators; and in cementing its pillars despite all terrorist attacks. The country also passed to stability by combating terrorism.

"The Egyptian people have faced huge challenges for four years with full determination. During these years, President Sisi implemented major national projects in all fields, topped by the new Suez Canal project in addition to what was achieved in the security and counter-terror domains in which the main role is being played by the Armed Forces and police to eliminate terrorist pockets," said Saafan. He congratulated Sisi on his new presidential term which constitutes a victory of the will of the people who had faced unprecedented challenges and threats for years. The minister said that the ministry of manpower seeks to establish fair relations between workers and employers to make sure that each party obtains its rights and is committed to performing its duties towards the other.

He noted that a new labor bill has been referred to the parliament and is expected to be approved and issued soon. He also pointed out to a newly-approved law on trade unions, under which trade union elections will be held in May.

Saafan expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the Armed Forces and police.

Saafan asserted that Egypt is not among countries recently enlisted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as violators of the world labor conventions, which confirms that efforts exerted during the recent period have had a positive impact on Egypt's position at international forums including the 107th International Labor Conference scheduled for June in Geneva.

In accordance with directives of President Sisi to move to e-government, the ministry of manpower has implemented 60% of a plan to transfer its work from the paper system to an electronic system, said the minister, adding that this required the ministry to develop its information center and to upgrade the efficiency and capabilities of its employees in cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production and major telecommunications and software companies operating in Egypt.

Thanks to the plan, the center will contribute to linking the Ministry with 27 manpower directorates nationwide, he further said.

A project to automate the inspection system has been finalized, said Saafan, adding that there are offices for the new system in 11 governorates.  The offices of all manpower directorates in the country have also become automatic, he noted. Saafan said that creating new jobs for youths both at home and abroad to solve the unemployment crisis is one of the main objectives of the ministry of manpower along with efforts of all bodies concerned.

The ministry managed during the period from March 2017 to April 2018 to provide 285,282 jobs, with 73% for males and 27% for females, he said, adding that this is in addition to the appointment of 2,562 disabled people.

Also, the ministry provided 457, 077 jobs for Egyptians in 16 Arab and foreign countries, he said, adding that cooperation protocols have been signed with foreign companies in the petroleum field to provide high-tech training for youths to develop their skills.

He also pointed out that cooperation protocols have been inked with five universities to train graduates in technical professions.  

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