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Sisi: Cooperation between Egypt, Cyprus, Greece model to follow in region

Tuesday، 01 May 2018 - 01:07 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said cooperation between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece is a model to follow in the Mediterranean region.

Sisi made these remarks during his speech in the ceremony of the launch of "Return to the Roots" initiative, held in Alexandria, with the participation of his Greek and Cypriot counterparts.

He stressed that Alexandria represents an embodiment of coexistence, expressing his happiness for the city's hosting of the ceremony, which revives the roots of Greek and Cypriot communities in Egypt.

The President explained that he does not like the word "community", adding that in Egypt people are keen to be citizens and every citizen has rights.

He greeted the attendees, underlining that Greeks and Cypriots had participated in creating a commercial, technical and cultural renaissance in the country.

President Sisi said that the ancient city of Alexandria has a special status in the hearts of Egyptians and the peoples of the Mediterranean region. He expressed his great pleasure that Alexandria hosted this celebration.

He said that Alexandria has been a witness of the deep ties binding together the peoples of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus throughout the ancient and modern history, noting that Alexander the Great laid the first pillars of the city of Alexandria in 332 BC, to become the view of Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean and the point of convergence of civilizations and incubator of cultures and heritage.

"Alexandria is still an embodiment of the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and human communication. These values ​​encouraged hundreds of thousands of people in the region to choose Egypt as a destination to live in their society, which embraced them without discrimination," he added.

Thousands of Greeks and Cypriots were among those who liked to live in Egypt, where they integrated into the Egyptian fabric, the president said, adding that they were a major addition to the economic, scientific and cultural movement in Egypt.

He said that interactions among the peoples of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus throughout the history provided the world with outstanding contributions.

"Among their achievements were the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, from which scientists emerged to produce a wealth of knowledge and culture, including the translation of important works from the ancient Egyptian language," said Sisi.

The transfer of the scientific achievements of the Hellenic Civilization and protecting them from destruction were also among these achievement, he said.

The President pointed out also that Greek and Greek migrations in the modern age to Egypt in the eighteenth century contributed to enriching the pluralism of the Egyptian society.

The Greeks and Cypriots, together with their Egyptian brothers, contributed to the renaissance of trade, culture and art and worked in various aspects of the economic life, said the president, adding that Egyptian governorates witnessed the establishment of organizations for the Greek communities in Minya in 1812, Zagazig in 1850, Cairo in 1856, Mansoura in 1860 and Port Said in 1870.

He stressed that in recent years, the tripartite cooperation mechanism among Egypt, Cyprus and Greece has been a clear reflection of the historical relations binding together the three countries and their peoples and a model to follow for the Eastern Mediterranean region.

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