16 July 2019 04:41 AM

Sisi pledges to face challenges, fight for existence and construction

Saturday، 02 June 2018 - 12:18 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi vowed on Saturday 02/06/2018 to face challenges and engage in battles of existence and construction impartially for the sake of Egypt.

Sisi asked lawmakers to observe a minute of silence to honor the sacrifices of our great nation.

"Sticking to national unity and the duty of building a promising future, State and people will join forces - in accordance with the law - to face challenges," Sisi said while addressing the House of Representatives after taking the constitutional oath for a second term in office.

"I will never spare any effort; I believe in the greatness of the nation and unity of its people in crossing toward the future," Sisi added.

Addressing the nation, President Sisi said: "Egypt's great people have proven their steadfastness after engaging in the battle of challenge while preserving the earnings of their nation."

President Sisi asked the attendees to observe a minute of silence for the souls of martyrs and in honor of all sacrifices dedicated to the nation.

"Let me renew the pledges of facing challenges and engaging in the battles of existence and construction in line with our constitution," Sisi said.

"I'm seeking to achieve our national dream of having a modern state based on democracy and freedom and restoring its pioneering status regionally as well as across the globe."

Sisi stressed that building the Egyptian citizen will be among his top priorities during his second term, adding that humans are the true treasure of the nation.

The Egyptian identity requires a new definition after attempts to manipulate it.

"Education, health and cultural issues will top my priorities through launching a number of national mega projects and programs aiming at improving the living standards of the Egyptian citizens," the president said.

"The Egyptian state will constantly boost its balanced relations with all regional and international parties, within the framework of partnership and exchange of interests".

"Great Egypt accommodates all of us with all of our diversities and differences that represent added values to our nation".

"I assert that acceptance and creating a common ground among us will be my top priority in order to attain consistence, societal peace as well as political development".

"I am a president for all Egyptians; those who agree with me and others who do not."


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