23 May 2019 11:43 AM

Foreign Ministry issues guidelines for Egyptian fans in Russia's World Cup

Thursday، 14 June 2018 - 12:18 PM

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry urged Egyptian fans who are willing to travel to Russia to support the national football team in the 2018 FIFA World Cup to review instructions and travel advisories during their residence in Russia during the period from June 14 to July 15.

The ministry issued on its official website detailed information to guide the Egyptian football fans in Russia.

The ministry called on Egyptian supporters in Russia to make sure of holding all needed legal documents, topped by the FAN ID identification document required by the Russian authorities instead of visas.

The ministry also highlighted the arrival and departure times permitted by the Russian authorities.

Instructions for accommodation, hotel reservation, transportation and security measures were also issued by the ministry.

The ministry also underlined the maxmium amount of money allowed for foreign citizens in Russia.

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