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Egypt's envoy to Jordan chairs UNRWA advisory commission meeting

Tuesday، 19 June 2018 - 01:59 PM
Egypt's envoy to Jordan chairs UNRWA advisory commission meeting

Egyptian Ambassador to Jordan Tarek Adel chaired the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) advisory commission meeting, currently held at the Jordanian Dead Sea resort.

Addressing the meeting, Ambassador Adel asserted the necessity of maintaining UNRWA activities which have become vital in the stability of the hosting countries and amidst very complicated regional conditions.

He also pressed the need for working out successful means to settle the annual financial deficit in the agency's budget.

The ambassador pointed out that the humanitarian aspect of the agency's mission should be sustained and its financial resources reinforced away from any ulterior purposes or political interests.

He also warned against suspending UNRWA activities before reaching to a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue based on the accords signed between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, especially the 1993 Oslo Agreement and the 1994 Cairo Agreement which affirmed the final status issues including Al Quds, refugees, water and borders.

The Egyptian diplomat also reviewed the important role of UNRWA in guaranteeing social stability for 1.3 million Palestinians who are receiving health, education and living assistance at the Palestinian refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, sounding the alarm against the serious repercussions of suspending such services in a way that could spread poverty and misery and help in fomenting extremism and terrorism in the Palestinian society. 

The Advisory Commission was created by UN Resolution 302 (IV) on 8 December 1949. It is tasked with advising and assisting the Commissioner-General of UNRWA in carrying out the Agency’s mandate. Consisting of four members when it was first created, the Advisory Commission (AdCom) is currently made up of 27 members and three observers.

The commission meets twice a year, usually in June and November, to discuss issues of importance to UNRWA, striving to reach consensus and provide advice and assistance to the Commissioner-General of the Agency.

Members and Observers meet more regularly through the Sub-Committee of the Advisory Commission, where they aim to assist the Advisory Commission in fulfillment of its guidance to the Commissioner-General.






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