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Address of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Commemorating June 30 Revolution

Monday، 02 July 2018 - 12:50 PM
Address of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Commemorating June 30 Revolution

Address of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Commemorating June 30 Revolution

Great and Noble People of Egypt

Today, Egypt is celebrating the fifth anniversary of June 30, 2013 Revolution… this immortal day in the history of Egypt… when the great people of Egypt had said their word loudly… making the whole world bow in respect to their will… thus changing the face of the region from the path of evil, exclusion and terrorism towards the horizons of security, development, goodness and peace.

On that remarkable day, millions of Egyptians;  women and men, elderly and young, revolted to declare that there is no place among them for conspirators or traitors, and affirm that they do not accept any destination of national action except under the umbrella of loyalty and belonging to this homeland by word and deed.

On that memorable day, the Egyptians stopped the wave of extremism and division that was sweeping the region… that wave which some persons had thought that it prevailed and gained victory. However, the people of Egypt, as always throughout history, had the final and decisive say in this respect.

Great People of Egypt,
I extend my sincere greetings and respect to you today. That glorious day when you had proven again that neither does the purified metal wear out nor does it rust. How many crises and challenges the Egyptians faced throughout their history but they had always been the fuel for determination and willpower for survival and steadfastness.
On that day, five years ago, the Egyptians challenged the challenge itself and determined to unite with the institutions of their own country, out of awareness of their intuitive sense that the magnitude of the challenges does not mean escaping, but rather confrontation… the matter which we have been doing together for the last five years.

The turbulent years which Egypt and the region had experienced since 2011 had produced three major challenges, each of which could uproot countries and render their entire populations homeless; the absence of security and political stability, the prevalence of terrorism and armed violence and the collapse of the economy.
I, objectively and honestly, tell you that every Egyptian has the right to be proud of what the country has accomplished in confronting these three challenges in a record time, almost as miracles.

In terms of security and stability, we have completed in Egypt stabilizing the pillars of the State and rebuilding its national institutions: the constitution and executive and legislative authorities, to form, with the lofty judicial authority a solid foundation and a political stability which is promoted day after another.
On the level of confronting terrorism and armed violence, this proud homeland, with the help of its sons of the Armed Forces and the police, as well as a unique public support, has succeeded to combat terrorism wherever it may be. Despite the considerable external funding, political and media support received by the terrorist groups, Egypt has kept its steadfastness and offered precious sacrifices by its hero sons, which led to great successes and protecting its people, the region and whole world.

Concerning the economic conditions, which had been distinctly poor to the extent that Egypt's foreign exchange reserves in June 2013 reached less than 15 billion dollars only, and the economic growth rate that time hit about 2%, which is less than the rate of population growth.

Thus, the volume of the Egyptian economy was not going up, but was shrinking. All these indicators and others was a serious and clear sign that the reform of this situation should be carried out, without delay or procrastination.

Therefore, the State decided to brief the people on the facts as they are and share them in bearing responsibility, believing in our partnership in this dear homeland and our responsibility for reforming its position. In this respect, a comprehensive and well studied program is being implemented and aims, first, to put an end to the deteriorated economic situation and, second, achieve a broad and real economic renaissance.

This is through a number of mega-development projects that generate tangible economic returns, provide millions of job opportunities and set an indispensable infrastructure for economic growth and overall development.

The achieved results up till now indicate that we are on the right track since Egypt's foreign exchange reserves rose from about USD 15 billion to 44 billion showing the highest rate in Egypt's history. Also, the economic growth rate has risen from 2% since 5 years to 5.4%.

In this respect, we aim to pursue such rapid growth in the coming few years to reach 7% and even beyond, which will change the life in Egypt as a whole and put it on the path of rapid economic growth that fulfills what we aspire to our dear country.

The great people of Egypt, the people of hope and the conqueror of adversities and hardships, There is no doubt that the path of the real reform is difficult and painful, and causes a great deal of suffering, but there is also no doubt that the suffering resulting from lack of reform is greater and worse, and that the reform has been delayed so much and has become inevitable not a choice as well as a necessity not a luxury.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere heartfelt greetings to every Egyptian man and woman, to every head of a family and housewife, who bear the hardships of providing a decent life for their children and I assure them that the future is better for them and their children, as well.

In addition, their deep perception and their genuine awareness of the requirements of reforming their homeland, sets an example and reiterate the scope of this honorable people’s wisdom and genius.

Every year, Egypt is in progress, stability and security,
And always Long live Egypt, Long live Egypt, Long live Egypt

Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you

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