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Ahmed Rami

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

Ahmed Rami belongs to a generation of Egyptian poets who opened wide prospects for Arabic poetry to express man's inner feelings and emotions.

Rami also played a leading role in developing the Arabic song, using simple language to express his sublime themes. The songs he wrote appealed to a large number of people.

Ahmed Mohammed Rami was born in Cairo on August 9th, 1892. Having completed his primary school education in 1907, he joined the prestigious Khedive Secondary School. During this period, he started to develop his poetic talent by attending weekly poetic forums. When he was 15 years old, he wrote his first patriotic poem.

When a dispute arose between the then Minister of Education Saad Zaghloul and the British advisor of his ministry Dunlup over some educational policies, Rami wrote a poem in which he warned the British advisor from the outcome of his policies.

In 1914, Rami graduated from the Higher Teachers School and was appointed teacher of geography and English in Private School. Six years later, he was appointed a librarian at the Higher Teachers Library. This post offered him a unique opportunity to read Arabic, English and French poetry and literature.

In 1924, he left for Paris for a year-long scholarship to study the latest techniques of librarianship. In Paris, he studied Persian at the Oriental Language Institute. The Persian diploma helped him translate the famous Omar AI-Khayyam Quatrain from the original Persian version to Arabic. His translation was so adequate that it reflected AI-Khayyam's philosophy.

In 1925, he worked as a librarian at the Egyptian National Book House, known as "Darul Kotob". He applied the modern techniques he learned in France to organize Darul Kotob.

After working in Darul Kotob for 13 years, he joined the League of Nations as a librarian. In 1945, he returned to Egypt where he worked as an advisor to the Egyptian Broadcast House.

Three years later, he returned to Darul Kotob as a deputy chairman. During his career, Ahmed Rami won a large number of awards and orders of merit. In 1965, he was granted the Intellectual Excellence Order by King Hassan II of Morocco.

Rami also won the State Order of Merit in literature in 1967. Late President Anwar El Sadat gave him an honorary doctorate in 1976. He was also granted a prestigious Lebanese order of merit and the Paris based Composers Association offered him a memorial plaque with his name engraved on it in recognition of his contributions. Rami was named "The Poet of Youth" for his role in rejuvenating new Arabic song.



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