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President Sisi's Speech on Occasion of Graduation Ceremony of Military Academies, Celebration of 23rd July Revolution

Tuesday، 24 July 2018 - 02:02 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate

Great and Noble People of Egypt,

Every year, the 23rd of July comes to raise feelings of pride and dignity with restoring national independence and returning to the Egyptians the rule of their country, after a long period of colonization and foreign domination.

Tomorrow, we are going to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the glorious July 23rd Revolution which changed life on the land of Egypt and made radical changes in all directions to put this country on the world political map. It has launched a new march of national action so as to realize the hopes of the great people of Egypt to achieve qualitative changes, politically, economically and socially.

The impact of July Revolution went beyond the borders of the region, spreading the feedback of the Revolution all over the world to inspire the peoples who are struggling for their freedom and to contribute to change the balance of power in the world to take the side of the peoples who have long been debilitated and marginalized.

In the anniversary of July 23 glorious Revolution, we recall with gratitude the men who put their lives on their hands for this great homeland. We recall the late president Gamal Abdel Nasser, the leader of the Revolution, who exerted as much effort as he could to realize the Egyptians’ expectations for a free and independent nation with social justice.

We also recall the late leader Anwar El- Sadat, who sacrificed his own life to maintain our homeland, safeguard its dignity and protect it. We also recall the late president Mohammad Naguib who bravely responded to the national duty at a critical moment.

Egypt is rich in faithful people, generation after another, who maintained the homeland’s banner flying and elevated; the banner that will never relapse by God’s willing and people’s determination and authenticity.

The Great People of Egypt,

Time passes and the challenges that our nation faces, changed from achieving the national independence and starting the attempts of the economic and social development passing by wars to liberate our land and the Brothers’ issues and reaching the challenges of our contemporary time. Egypt’s people have always been up to these major responsibilities to correct their tracks, and keeping the values of belonging and allegiance to the homeland.

Egypt faced, during the recent years, a serious challenge that was imposed on the state in its modern history, namely, the attempt of chaos and instability amidst a surge of states collapse and disintegration of their communities throughout the region.

The real danger we experience in our country and region is blowing up the countries from inside through spreading rumors and terrorist actions as well as losing hope and feeling of frustration.

All these attempts aim to instigate peoples to destroy their homelands. We should pay attention to the schemes against us; 21000 rumors were monitored in the past three months targeting creating chaos, instability and frustration.

Under this broad title, all the challenges that we face together over the past years such as terrorism, armed violence, and fierce psychological and informational war in addition to unprecedented pressures on the national economy when we assumed office, have appeared.

We had only two options when I shouldered responsibility, either we tell the people the truth and face the challenges directly or follow the policy of tranquilizers, slogans and selling illusions.

Frankly speaking, the honesty of responsibility and the confidence of this great people as well as my belief in their unlimited capabilities to triumph in their battles didn’t leave any alternative except for openness and confrontation in order to make up what we missed and established a real comprehensive progress that covers all our citizens and the coming generations.

EGYPT’s Great People

Graduates of Military Academies:

The anniversary of the July 23 Revolution celebrations coincides with our today’s celebration of a graduation of new military batches of Egypt’s faithful youth.  New generations that will pursue proceeding the march of protection of the homeland, armed with high training and creed of combat.

They will join the great Egyptian army in all its various branches in order to have the honor to defend the homeland and protect its territories at a critical phase in the region that needs a full awareness and the highest preparedness.

At the beginning of your practical life, I would like to tell you that joining the Egyptian Armed Forces is a matchless honour and a great national duty performed by Egypt's loyal sons who respond to the call of their nation, with all loyalty and strength. Our powerful Armed Forces have offered many sacrifices, endured a lot of burdens and have not been lenient to fulfill their national duty during the most bleak conditions and difficult times.

That's why the great Egyptian people have put their confidence in their Armed Forces; appreciated their sacrifices and have been proud of them. Hence, the relationship between the people and their sons of the Armed Forces will remain a genuine Egyptian secret and an eternal pledge that will never cease.

You should be fully aware that the Egyptian military institution is based on total fidelity, efficiency, discipline and sacrifice for the nation; therefore, my sons, you should be on the level of such responsibility and the trust of the Egyptian people. You should exert your utmost for the sake of Egypt and do not block any effort in work or training. You should put the name of Egypt before your eyes. You should know who you are and exert your utmost so as to develop your capabilities. You should know that you are responsible for leading your units and the personnel who are working with you. Be sure that Egypt rewards any giving by re-giving and this time - honoured nation doesn't forget its faithful sons. 

On this occasion, we would like to express our appreciation and pride of our martyrs who have given their lives for Egypt and its people. They presented all what they own for the elevation of Egypt. We tell their families that your sons’ sacrifices are greatly appreciated by all Egyptian people, who know how much you have sacrificed to enable each Egyptian man and woman live in safety and peace.

Brothers and Sisters,

The Great Egyptian People,

The state proceeds with the implementation of a comprehensive strategic vision to build a strong homeland that is developed in all fields. We are implementing, with our full energy and sincerity, a national program for a comprehensive economic and social reform that takes into account the low-income brackets and the most needy categories. This program also provides the opportunity and the suitable atmosphere for encouraging local and foreign investments, and promotes the values of modern science in all aspects of our lives.

I reiterate my pledge that the state will continue exerting its utmost, using the best tactics and scientific methodologies, not only to construct mega projects of tangible returns, but prior to this, to build an Egyptian human being who enjoys good health, modern education and an elevated culture, a man who is able to face the challenges of this era and the coming one. This man is able to make, through the deep – rooted cultural heritage of the Egyptian people, miracles in the shortest possible time.  There is no better day than today as we witness the graduation of promising Egyptian youth of the military academies to pursue the   giving path led by this deep-rooted national institution. This is to renew my confidence in our ability, God willing, to change our reality to be a source of our Satisfaction and pride.

Finally, I salute and appreciate you again … Happy returns be upon you and dear Egypt is safe and advanced.

Long live Egypt … Long live Egypt … Long live Egypt.

May Allah’s Peace and Mercy Be Upon You     

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