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A spot on SISI’s Visit to Uzbekistan!

A spot on SISI’s Visit to Uzbekistan!

Thursday، 06 September 2018 - 04:04 PM

Ashraf AboArafe

No doubt that signing a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding between Egypt and Uzbekistan refers to a new era of boosting and expanding cooperation in addition to political partnership.

 Economic Reform!
Discussing several bilateral, regional, and international issues by the two leaders of Egypt and Uzbekistan , as well as reviewing the course of implementing the bilateral agreements, desiring to exchange visits to Egypt and Uzbekistan, reviewing the Egyptian latest updates and the process of economic reform to build infrastructure and superstructure  for attracting investments.

 Countering Terrorism!
About the situation in the Middle East and its impacts on development, stressing the importance of countering terrorism and spreading the right understanding of Islam, Mr President El-Sisi assured that countering terrorism concludes cultural sides, as well as the security and military steps, explaining that the Egyptian people have more awareness now after the hard experience in the past few years, and realised the facts behind those who uses religion for achieving political benefits.

political Soultions & Internal Affairs!
The necessity of reaching political solutions by both Al-Sisi and Miromonovich for all crises in the Middle East and Centre of Asia, in accordance with the principle of respecting states’ sovereignty on its lands and not interfering in other states’ internal affairs. Agreeing on the importance of reaching a solution for the Palestinian issue and establishing the Palestinian state with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital was to support the Palestinian people.

Strategic Topics!
Holding a consultation committee between Ministries of Foreign Affairs in in Egypt and Uzbekistan, no doubt that this enrichs coordination in all strategic topics.

A Center of Exporting!
Keening on increasing commercial exchange with Egypt 10 times more than the current level by the president of Uzbekistan, Miromonovich, wishing Uzbekistan could be a centre of exporting the Egyptian products to Central Asia, while Egypt be a centre for exporting the Uzbek products to Africa. 
 A Joint Business Council!
Establishing a joint business council with Egypt to boost the economic cooperation between the two countries, increasing cooperation in tourism to benefit from Egypt’s experience in this field, and countering terrorism and organised crime reflect the farthest vision of the national security for both Egypt An Uzbekistan.

Promissing & Achieving!
So both the peoples of Egypt and Uzbekistan look forward to implementing projects of agriculture, irrigation, petrochemicals, electronics, textile, and energy fields, etc.

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