20 April 2019 03:21 PM

Rocky cemetery unearthed northeastern Pyramid of Senusret I

Friday، 07 September 2018 - 11:42 AM

The Egyptian archaeological mission in Giza's Lisht unearthed a rocky cemetery located nearly 300 meters northeastern the Pyramid of Senusret I.


The Head of the Central Administration for Cairo and Giza Antiquities Adel Okasha said that excavation is carried out in Lisht region in line with the plan of the Antiquities Ministry.


The cemetery consists of two parts, the official reiterated, adding that the first is an open courtyard that has a passage with hieroglyphic inscriptions and leads to a hall.


The restoration department in Lisht is currently restoring this part of the cemetery, Okasha underscored.


The Director of Dahshur and Lisht Antiquities Mohamed el Daly said that the second part of the cemetery consists of a three-meter deep well for burying the dead.


The General Director of Dahshur and Lisht Antiquities Yasser Hassan Abdel Fattah affirmed that the owner of the cemetery is still unknown yet as no inscription refers to his identity, noting that more studies will enable the mission to reveal more information about him.



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