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President Sisi’s Statement to First Arab Forum for Schools of People with Special Needs, Integration

Tuesday، 02 October 2018 - 02:35 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I wish to express my extreme pleasure to attend this forum, organized by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in coordination with some ministries, authorities and civil society foundations to declare beginning of the activities of the special education and integration schools that is held for the first time on the level of the Arab states.

I welcome the disabled students for their achievements in many domains, which actually proved their ability to challenge and overcome difficulties. We also welcome the participant Arab delegations and wish them nice residence in their second homeland Egypt.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Egyptian state gives utmost attention to disabled people; believing in their abilities and potentialities. The state also believes in the necessity of providing suitable training and rehabilitation services, adequate care and equal opportunities in a way that enables them to efficiently participate side by side with the other members of the society.

Besides, disability is a societal issue that all governmental efforts should be pooled to face it along with the civil society organizations and private sector. From here, the societal participation became an absolute necessity, as development in all sectors cannot be achieved except through a genuine and efficient societal participation that not only confine itself to contributing with resources, but it also goes beyond to formulating thought and societal culture that can allow achieve meat of sustainable development. Moreover, it represents a popular monitoring on the institutions’ performance in order to avoid deficiencies and eliminate them as well as fostering and supporting the positive sides.

In this regard, the joint cooperation with participating institutions comes in this forum in the fields of rehabilitation of disabled people, elevating their potentialities, discovering and developing their talents, which represent a bright image of the societal participation that we all seek to enhance and support by all means to achieve the intended goals.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Egyptian constitution provides many articles that guarantee rights of the disabled persons in all walks of life, in addition to their good representation in the local councils and House of Representatives elections. Besides, the strategy of Egypt sustainable development 2030, whose targets include the right to education and interest in integration of those who have minor of disability in the regular school classes, and issuance of decisions that regulate this matter by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.

Moreover, the Higher Universities Council decided to admit the students with audio disability to the Egyptian universities. This matter goes in harmony with the fourth objective of the UN sustainable development, which stipulates that the good and comprehensive education for the all is guaranteed for ever. Also, the Ministry of Health started putting the subject of disability in the national health strategy, which envisages the early intervention services to detect the disability.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity is carrying out a package of activities, services and social, education, medical and sporting programmes, in addition to guidance and training programmes to the disabled persons. Moreover, the Ministry provides jobs to these persons and their families in their communities and residences.

On the arena of labour and employment, about 5000 job opportunities in the state machinery were provided to the disabled persons. To guarantee equity and the right to have an acceptable standard of living to the disabled persons in a bid to uproot all forms of poverty and hunger, a pension called Karama (Dignity) was allocated, within the societal solidarity programmes.

In addition, the Ministry of Housing earmarked 5% of the housing units to the disabled persons within the framework of the social housing projects.   

As regards empowering women and girls of special needs, the Egyptian Constitution had guaranteed the right of women to hold leading positions, as two women served as Secretary-General of the National Council for Disability Affairs (NCDA) out of four secretary generals who have chaired the Council so far. Moreover, the current composition of the House of Representatives includes, for the first time in Egypt’s history, seven female representatives of special needs.

In this vein, it is worthy to refer to our directives to incorporate and empower those with special needs in the communication and information technology sectors, so as to provide educational and health services  easily, obtain job opportunities, provide  adaptable governmental buildings and remote treatment for those with special needs, and convert the youth centers into inclusive social units.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The State is primarily interested in applying the concept of integrating students with disabilities with their healthy peers in the general and technical education schools, believing that this step would greatly contribute to incorporate them in the society. In this vein, entrenching the foundations of positive interaction among all students paves the way towards promoting respect for others, recognizing the physical and psychological differences between individuals, cooperating with others without discrimination, in addition to transferring such principles to the rest of the family members.

Despite the effort exerted, we persistently strive to accommodate the biggest number of students with special needs in order to realize the ultimate goal of incorporating all students with special needs in pre-university  education  inside the educational institutions,, whether such institutions were being specifically built for this category, or inside the inclusive education schools.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hope that this Forum would be continuously held in the coming years so as to be able to generalize the successful experiences and provide further opportunities to those with special needs, in such a manner that this would render it a universal Forum, where all people with special needs would meet to compete in various tournaments and competitions in cultural, artistic and sporting fields. Moreover, such a Forum would be a destination where specialists in this field would convene so as to exchange experiences among various countries so as to provide a sound environment and a suitable atmosphere for those with special needs, thus enabling Egypt to become a radiation center in the Arab and whole world, and a destination for everyone in order to exchange experiences and promote those with special needs, thus reflecting our deep attention and keenness to enhance their chances in a decent life.

 So, I am glad to announce the inauguration of the first Arab Forum for Activities of Special Education and Integration Schools.

Finally, I call all of you; the governmental institutions and the civil society foundations for close cooperation so as to elevate the standard of the disabled students in order to achieve all our aspired for goals in this respect.

I welcome our students again whether from Egypt or the Arab countries and extend you and the representatives of the Arab delegations my thanks and appreciation for responding to the invitation and participating in the forum activities; wishing you all success.

Thank You

Peace and Mercy be Upon You.


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