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Azhar Imam urges returning to religious references to resolve modern world crises

Thursday، 11 October 2018 - 03:21 PM

Azhar Grand Imam and President of the Council of Muslim Elders Sheikh Ahmed el Tayyeb asserted the necessity of returning to religious references in order to resolve crises of the modern world which have become a prime source of agony, complications and tension daily.

 Addressing the opening session of the Sixth Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions which kicked off in Astana Wednesday, Tayyeb strongly criticized attempts to stigmatize Islam by associating it with terrorism and stereotyping Muslims by unfairly presenting them as hateful and violent, which leads to a lot of prejudice and hatred towards them more than the followers of other religions in the world.

Terrorism is the outcome of tyrant international policies that have lost their way and have shown no regard to the suffering of the poor and vulnerable people, Sheikh Tayyeb added.

Terrorists who have been carrying out heinous crimes under the name of Islam, targeted Muslim men, women and children across the whole Arab region, Tayyeb noted.

These terrorists, he said, have been beheading innocent Muslims in one of the most horrific practices to make non-Muslims believe that Islam is a violent religion though this is utterly not true for these brutal practices have nothing to do with Islam and its true merciful, humane and amiable teachings and sublime values.

Tayyeb called for outlining international policies that spread justice and peace to end violence, prejudices and hatred.

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