17 October 2019 08:02 AM

Sisi: WYF great opportunity for constructive dialogue among peoples of different civilizations

Wednesday، 07 November 2018 - 02:51 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi asserted that the World Youth Forum (WYF) offers a great chance for constructive dialogue among peoples of different civilizations.

In his address at the closing session of WYF 2018 in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh, he called for realizing world peace, saying: “Peace is one of the names of Allah”.

He said that cultural diversity was one of the key factors that contributed to the success of this year’s WYF.

He urged young people all over the world to work sincerely and assiduously to develop their nations.

At the beginning of his speech Sisi welcomed Sudanese President Omar al Bashir who in spite of his busy schedule was keen to come to Sharm to attend the forum’s closing session.

He expressed appreciation for the forum’s organizers and all those who contributed to its success.

He said he is proud of all the stellar young people who came to Egypt to participate in the WYF, adding that their ideas, discussions and visions enriched the activities of the forum and added more value to its debates which focused this year on peace development and innovation.

He said he wishes that executive mechanisms would be formed to turn all sound recommendations and ideas raised at the forum into tangible reality.

He also voiced hope that the forum would become a major platform for interaction and dialogue among the young people of the world.

He noted that the forum started by an idea of a group of Egyptian youth which the State encouraged and nurtured until it materialized. This delivers home a message that great successes begin with an idea and a dream that are transformed into reality through resolve and determination.

He called on young people to learn from this experiment; make serving humanity their goal, dream big and work diligently to fulfill their aspirations.

President Sisi promised to do his utmost to fulfill the legitimate dreams of the young Egyptians, and vowed never to turn his back to their inspiring ideas, hopes and aspirations which are filled with love and peace.

He said that Egypt whose roots are as ancient as history and whose exquisite geographical location placed it in the heart of the world has always been a cultural and civilizational melting pot, noting that Egypt’s ability to embrace diverse cultures and civilizations enables it to become the meeting point for people who desire to transcend their differences and overcome their conflicts to establish peace and realize stability.

He greeted Egypt’s youth who are seeking hard and sincerely to develop and reconstruct their nation, saying that Egypt depends on the zeal and enthusiasm of its ambitious young people to build a better future for itself in spite of all the challenges brought about by the extremely tough and complex regional conditions and the war it has mounted against extremism and terrorism which it is fighting on behalf of the entire world.

He said the WYF is a practical proof that dialogue is the only way to face up to challenges and overcome conflicts and the best path that should be taken to “surpass the mistakes of the past , improve our present and build our future.”

“I will always keep my promise to side by the youth and therefore, I announce the Upper Egyptian city of Aswan the Capital of African Youth of 2019,” he said noting that next year will witness the launch of the Arab and African Youth Forum to address the main issues and challenges facing the young people on the African Continent and in the Arab region.

President Sisi said he avails himself of the opportunity offered by the WYF to also announce the following:

- Egypt’s endorsement of Sharm El Sheikh Declaration on Arab-African Integration which was the fruit of the Arab-African Summit simulation model.

- Entrusting the National Academy for Training and Empowerment with devising executive mechanisms to train Arab African youth in all political, economic and social fields by launching the presidential program for teaching young Africans essential leadership skills.

- Egypt’s adoption of the principle of protecting life and fighting terrorism and its direct and indirect impacts as a basic human right and the formation of a joint work group involving young participants of the WYF from all over the world and national Egyptian institutions to offer moral and financial support to victims of terrorism across the globe.

- The establishment of a WYF-sponsored research group to study the pros and cons of the excessive use of social networks and draw up a comprehensive mechanism to make the optimal use of social networking to serve culture, knowledge and the society.

- Egypt’s implementation of a campaign in collaboration with the WYF to raise awareness among youth about water security issues.

- The launch of an international initiative to train 10,000 young Egyptian and African people to become electronic game and software and applications programmers and developers over the next three years in addition to offering support to the establishment of 100 companies specialized in these sectors in Egypt and across the African Continent.

- The start of steps to establish an Egypt-headquartered regional center for entrepreneurship to offer support to startup enterprises in the country and across the region.

- The formation of a committee to manage the Sharm El Sheikh “Reviving Humanity” memorial to turn the place into an international foundation that aims at defending humanitarian principles and offering support for victims of violence and terrorism.

- The setting up of an ad hoc committee by the ministries of social solidarity and foreign affairs and the other bodies concerned in the State to prepare amendments to the law regulating the work of non-governmental and civil society organizations inside Egypt to be referred to the House of Representatives to take its decision on them.

President Sisi said that despite the grave challenges facing mankind due to wars and conflicts and the misery in which many people live because of poverty, ignorance and disease, yet the world community is still seeking to build a better future led by its hope that “the best is yet to come”.

“Our common goal is to make our world live in peace where children would be able to laugh and women to feel secure and where young people would be more eager to work and gain knowledge”, he added.

“We hope for justice to prevail and stability to be realized in all parts of the world,” Sisi also said wishing all nations around the globe to live in peace, progress and prosperity.

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