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Parliament Speaker: Egypt-Kuwait relations historic, strategic

Friday، 16 November 2018 - 11:15 AM

Speaker of the House of Representatives Ali Abdel Aal praised the honorable stances of the Kuwaiti (leadership, government, parliament and people) towards Egypt, asserting that the Egyptian-Kuwaiti relations are strategic and historic and nobody could negatively affect them.


In statements to parliamentary reporters on Thursday night, Parliament Spokesman Salah Hasaballah said the Egyptian speaker asserted in a phone call with Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Marzouq el Ghanim that any wrongdoing or offense is only expressing its doer, adding that whatever such offense was it can never influence the Egyptian-Kuwaiti relations.


The spokesman, for his part, praised the remarks of the Kuwaiti speaker in which he reiterated that the Egyptian-Kuwaiti relations are "example to be followed".


Hasaballah also noted that the love and appreciation of the Kuwait speaker to Egypt and its people were reflected in his appeal to the Egyptian people to squander any opportunity for harming the distinguished Kuwaiti-Egyptian relations.


He also praised the stances of the Kuwaiti executive, parliamentary and popular leaders along with writers and journalists who were keen on praising Egypt, its leader President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the Egyptian Speaker as well as Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram.


Kuwaiti Lawmaker Safaa el Hashim's insulting remarks against Makram are only expressing her personal views, said the spokesman, adding that debates that happened over the past few days have sent a strong message to whoever thinks of harming or damaging the historic relations that have been binding Egypt and Kuwait over several decades.



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