23 July 2019 05:55 AM

Address by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in the Inauguration of the 22nd Session of Cairo ICT

Sunday، 25 November 2018 - 12:00 AM

In the Name of Allah, the Almighty,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you in this annual gathering which brings together a distinguished group of ICT leaders in the region and worldwide. Such a sector which has become a key element in supporting the country's developmental plans, and a driving force in the efforts of building a competitive and diversified economy based on innovation and knowledge.

Brothers and Sisters,

Egypt has paid due attention to the ICT sector. In this respect, Egypt was keen, within its vision in this field, to develop and modernize the telecommunications infrastructure, build smart cities, enable the various segments of society to use digital services, not to mention promoting community awareness of the importance of digitalization; thus contributing to realizing a qualitative leap in the Egyptian society through incubation of technology in the governorates of Egypt, and providing an environment that encourages the building of the capacities of young people, and the promotion of electronics industry and design.

What we are witnessing today of a distinguished effort and creative thought, in addition to the projects that are being implemented through cooperation and coordination between the various ministries and bodies concerned, strengthens the confidence that we are on the right track towards a digital society where its people would have equal opportunities to participate in the development process, and the state institutions would integrate to provide innovative digital services, thus improving the operational efficiency, increasing productivity, contributing to realizing sustainable community development and improving the citizens standard of living.

It is a source of pride to find that the initiatives that we have launched are being turned into a tangible reality, especially the integrated electronic labs in the technological zones, which comes as a confirmation to the efforts of the state in incubation of technology in the various governorates of Egypt, and establishing a national electronics industry according to the "Design and Manufacture of Electronics” Initiative which aims at making this industry one of the pillars of the economic growth and increasing the national income.

The National Academy of Information Technology for People with Disabilities, which will operate in accordance with the latest quality standards and training, will be a tribute to the State's efforts to integrate and empower our dear sons with special needs, through using the ICT, so as to support and provide them with further opportunities of participating and performing an active role in the society.

In addition to the UN-African Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL), which has been equipped with the state-of-the-art scientific and technological means, thus contributing to promotion of the skills and capabilities of the researchers and workers in the fields of technology from across the African continent and development of innovative technological solutions that would help address the global challenges and achieve the objectives of the United Nations in realizing sustainable development.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The successive civilizations proudly registered the cultural heritage, which the ancient Egyptian contributed to the history of humanity. We; the Egyptians, are confident that we have the ability to complete the process of the civilizational construction, taking into consideration that we have capable youths, who effectively take part in building of the future.

The state had launched a number of programmes and initiatives that target investment in our promising youths’ energies and promote their skills in all fields, as we have witnessed throughout the past two years a growing number of the applicants of “pioneers of the future technology” initiative that was launched to groom a generation capable of using the up-to-date technologies in all domains in a way that keeps pace with the Egyptian society’s needs.

In pursuance of these efforts that aim to create new generation able to lead the digitatlization programmes and manage the work systems in the digital environment, and encourage the technological innovation not only in Egypt but also in Africa which we support its development, I declare today “Africa’s initiative to innovation of games and digital applications” that targets promotion and qualification of 10000 thousands Egyptian and African young men to develop the digital applications and games and enhance establishment of 100 emerging Egyptian and African companise in this domain.

Honourable Audience,

I wish your conference all success in investing the huge potentials and distinguished opportunities that the communications and information technology sector provides to reach innovative solutions and push forward the wheel of sustainable development.

Allah’s Peace and Mercy Be Upon You

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