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Speech by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the “Young African Entrepreneurs’” Session on the Sidelines of the “Africa Forum 2018”

Monday، 10 December 2018 - 12:08 PM
Speech by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the “Young African Entrepreneurs’” Session on the Sidelines of the “Africa Forum 2018”

It gives me a great pleasure to join you today at this momentous event rendered as one of the most significant channels for strengthening communication and consolidating relations among the states of the African continent; an event that comes to assert anew our vision towards youths in Egypt and the sisterly continent’s states as well as our unshakable confidence in their minds and abilities.

We miss no opportunity to affirm that you are the most valuable wealth we have and firmly believe that your creative ideas are the catalyst for stimulating economic activity and realizing comprehensive sustainable development; since
you are the power and energy capable to create a brighter future for our enthusiastic continent.

The challenges ravaging the global economy today prompt us to further strengthen cooperation between governments and the private sector with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in the African continent on one hand and pooling efforts to empower the youth of our continent and provide resources necessary to enable them to un leash their energies, develop their potentials and stimulate their creativity on the other hand.

From here, we send a clear message to the whole world: Africa is the future of the global economy and entrepreneurship as it has all factors and possesses all resources required to make an economic boom where entrepreneurship plays a vital role and effectively contributes to its sustainability.
In this vein, and in pursuance of our clear vision towards supporting and empowering youth especially in the field of entrepreneurship, Egypt adopted a number of procedures, salient of which are as follows:

First: all the State institutions were directed to unify their efforts to establish the first regional center for entrepreneurship in Egypt with the aim of providing all means of support for start-ups in Egypt and states of the region. In addition, they were mandated to devise an integrated methodology to train and rehabilitate youth for entrepreneurship.

Second: a call was made to establish an Arab-African fund with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in the Arab world and Africa.

Third: an initiative was launched to train 10,000 Egyptian and African young people to be games and electronic applications’ developers over the coming three years.          

 Fourth: New legislations and laws have been enacted to support youth projects, such as the law on the regulation of land transport services for passengers using information technology, the law on the regulation of mobile food units, the amendment of companies law, and the permission of establishment of one-person company.

 Fifth: "Fekretak Sherketak" for Entrepreneurship center has been established. It the first government service center in this field. In less than a year, it has held about 450 orientation sessions for entrepreneurs and about 40 training courses on various entrepreneurship topics so as to turn youths ideas into projects on reality.

Sixth: More than 50 start-ups in various fields have been established and funded over the course of a year under the "Falak" entrepreneurship program.

Seventh:   A competition has been launched in collaboration with the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) to select 100 start-ups to participate in the "Africa 2018" conference, to select the best 20 to present their ideas to a large gathering of African and Arab investors participating in the conference.
My sons and daughters the promising and ambitious young people of Africa, be confident that we always believe in you and your dreams. I tell you that you have major challenges that need more perseverance, creativity, and innovation. I am confident that you are capable of overcoming these challenges and fulfilling the hopes of the content and deserve its trust.  You are our hope and our future. 

In conclusion, I recommend you to pursue hard work, creativity and innovation, think outside the traditional frameworks, and have self-confidence and indomitable determination in order to turn your ideas and dreams into a reality that will give you and the whole continent a bright future, decent life and proper place among peoples and nations.



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