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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Address at the Closing Session of Africa Forum 2018

Wednesday، 12 December 2018 - 12:42 PM
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Address at the Closing Session of Africa Forum 2018

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Address at the Closing Session of Africa Forum 2018

In the Name of Allah the Almighty

Your Excellencies Ministers,

Presidents and Representatives of the International, Regional and African Organizations,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Speaking to you today, I am proud of this rich and diverse group of participants in this event, which has become a gathering for all those involved in business, investment and trade in the African continent, and I seize this opportunity to thank all those who have organized this activity.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The activities of this Forum was an opportunity to confirm Egypt's keenness on supporting the interests of the African continent and enhancing its development process. It was also a unique opportunity to exchange views and ideas on the means of pushing the comprehensive development of our continent foreword, in order to create the best means to improve our present situation and build our future.

he Forum was also a favorable platform to emphasize the importance of strengthening African multilateral cooperation frameworks, contributing to economic development, providing more employment opportunities for the peoples of the continent, exploring ways of developing infrastructure and expanding the base of economic activity; all of which come within the priorities of Egypt's upcoming presidency of the African Union in 2019.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Achieving security, stability, development and modernization are the most important means of addressing the political, economic and social challenges in our continent. This was evident in the discussions that took place during the forum, which focused on discussing the strategies of attracting investments to the continent so as to accelerate the growth of the start-ups, provide a good business environment for entrepreneurs on the African level, and strengthen the cross-border economic cooperation.

The issue of women's empowerment has also been addressed extensively, particularly with regard to the most serious challenges facing our continent, and the policies that increase the opportunities for their empowerment and protection within their surrounding environment, as well as highlighting the best practices for leadership qualification and ensuring the best ways to boost their role to participate in policy-making at all levels. In this regard, I stress the importance of developing a clear strategy that will increase the participation of African women at the level of governments and business communities as a whole.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Egypt will always be supportive of the efforts to strengthen African cooperation in particular and international cooperation in general, which is clear in the open and bold policy taken by Egypt to maximize the advantages of these efforts in achieving sustainable economic development, including enhancing the private sector’s role in development and investment in all African states.

Believing in the importance of exerting the utmost efforts for Africa’s future, and in pursuance of Egypt’s vital role in working for the continent’s renaissance, I decided the following:

1-       Establishing the Investment Risks Guarantee Fund in Africa in order to encourage Egyptian investors to channel their investments to Africa, participate in the continent’s development and take advantage of the huge opportunities available in our continent.

2-       Negotiating with the international institutions-our partners in development- to upgrade the infrastructure; the real development pillar, including expediting the completion of Cairo- Cape Town Route in order to merge the Continent’s countries and expand the inter-trade.

3-       Stimulating and facilitating businesses of the African companies in Egypt, to stimulate joint investments and benefit from the continuous development in the Egyptian economy.

4-       Enhancing technical cooperation with the Continent’s states in the fields of investment in human capital, digitalization, managing of international finances, governance and monitoring and evaluation systems.

5-       Establishing a fund to invest in information infrastructure with the aim of supporting the technological development and digitalization in the Continent to build modern economies based on the latest technological systems.

6-       Joint cooperation between Egypt and her sisterly African countries in the fields of governance and anti-corruption through exchanging experiences, training and rehabilitation of bodies concerned in the Continent to dissiminate the governance culture and eliminate corruption.

7-       Launching the second phase of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption, 2019- 2022, in celebration of the Anti-Corruption Day, and activating the National Academy for Combating Corruption, along with providing 250 training scholarships to African cadres working in the anti-corruption field.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Finally, I thank you all on your vital participation in this Forum, and your appreciated contribution to this distinguished success. I am looking forward to pool our efforts to achieve the Forum’s goals so that our joint and ultimate goal is empowering our peoples and fulfilling their aspirations towards a better future and a safer and more advanced world.

Long Live Egypt…Long Live Africa.

Thank you and May Peace and Mercy of Allah be Upon You.

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