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Sisi seeks pushing up joint African action

Tuesday، 12 February 2019 - 04:49 PM

President and Chairman of the African Union (AU) Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Tuesday 12/2/2019 confirmed his keenness on cooperating with all AU commissioners and workers for achieving the AU goals.

In a speech in the AU headquarters here with AU Commissioner Moussa Faki and other commissioners, president Sisi added that he is also keen on pushing up the joint African action according to the 2063 Agenda.

The president underlined the importance of enhancing peace and security in Africa along with reconstructing areas that are affected by conflicts.

President Sisi confirmed his keenness on reforming the working mechanisms of the AU Commission for achieving the goals of its member states.

He added that all efforts will be made to achieve as many as goals of the African countries. He noted that Egypt is open to all good proposals for cooperation between African and regional and international groupings.

He also highlighted the necessity of cooperation with world countries for solving problems of African young people who illegally migrate from Africa to other countries.

He underscored in this regard the necessity of addressing the causes that lead these young people to migrate from Africa illegally.

He invited members of the AU Commission to attend an African-Arab youth forum that will be held in Aswan, Upper Egypt, next month.

African Union Commissioner Moussa Faki asserted the commission's commitment to cooperating with Cairo for achieving the goals of the African continent.

He added that an AU coordination meeting will be held in Niger this year to follow up the implementation of the African free trade area.

Also, Afro-Japanese and Afro-Arab summits will be held for boosting African partnership at the regional and international levels, he added.

He hoped that the African continent would benefit from the Egyptian know-how in the domain of infrastructure and giant projects.

Social Affairs Commissioner Amira El Fadil, said that the year 2019 will witness a distinguished joint African action under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

She lauded Egypt for hosting the center for fighting epidemics in North Africa.

Also, Trade and Industry Commissioner Albert M. Muchanga expressed thanks to President Sisi for his efforts to implement the African free trade area.

Peace and Security Commissioner Ismail Sharky said that the AU needs the wise leadership of President Sisi to solve the African problems and end disputes for establishing peace and security in Africa.

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